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Experience WWII in HD Color

This extremely informative 13-episode television documentary series, narrated by Robert Powell, recounts the major events of World War II. The episodes cover the Eastern Front, the Western Front, the North Africa Campaign, and the Pacific War. The series brilliantly combines both original and colorized HD footage. 


The Gathering Storm 
Just years after World War I finished, Germany and other nations are in an economic depression. Leader approval ratings of Germany, Japan, Italy, and Spain are shallow, giving rise to military dictators. Adolf Hitler becomes Chancellor of Germany, and he and his generals plot the invasion of Poland. 
Lightning War
The Germans develop a new military tactic known as Blitzkrieg. They used this tactic to dominate land and air warfare, allowing them to take over Poland and France in a matter of weeks. 
Britain at Bay 
It's July 1940, and Britain is being pummeled by Germany. Though Hitler has better soldiers and a stronger air force, some critical errors allow Britain to regain strength and start pushing back the enemy.
Hitler Strikes East
After his unsuccessful attempt to defeat the British, Hitler focuses his attention on the Soviet Union. This proves to be quite the military gamble. 
Red Sun Rampant
On 7th December 1941, the Japanese bomb the U.S. fleet in Pearl Harbor. This causes the U.S to officially enter WWII.
The Mediterranean and North Africa
After success in North Africa and Greece, the Allies push Mussolini's forces all the way back to Italy. Italy is then knocked out of the war, Mussolini becomes depressed, and the Allies start to put real pressure on Nazi Germany. 
Turning the Tide 
The Allies and the Axis are searching for the final blow against each other to end the war. While the Allies try out strategic firebombing, Hitler tries cutting off American supply lines with submarines. We have a stalemate. 
The Soviet Steamroller
After Hitler's gamble in the East fails, the Soviet Union, with its vast resources and armies, starts to slowly grow in power. Hitler is now on the defensive across two-thirds of his fronts. 
After careful planning and a lot of secrecy, the Allies successfully breach mainland Western Europe through the Normandy landings. After thousands of lives are lost, the Allies are able to start the liberation of Western Europe. 
Closing the Ring
The Allies are now on the offensive on all three fronts. As their forces push through Europe, they start to uncover Hitler's death camps. This was the Allies' first concrete knowledge of the Holocaust. 
The Island War
An aggressive war is being waged against the Japanese. America is now starting to use the new tactic of island-hopping, resulting in the slow crumbling of the Japanese air force and navy. 
Victory in Europe
From three sides, the British, Americans, and Soviets are starting to tear through what's left of the Third Reich. As the Nazi forces are dwindling, Hitler commits suicide, and the Allies being dividing up Europe. 
Victory in the Pacific
The Americans have wiped out Japan's air force. As they are deciding what to do with mainland Japan, President Truman calls for Hiroshima and Nagasaki to be bombed with nuclear weapons. Japan has no choice but to surrender, and the Cold War begins.  
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