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9 History Channels on YouTube Worth Binge-Watching

The rise of YouTube has revolutionized the way we consume media, and this includes the way we learn about history. From ancient civilizations to modern-day politics, there are countless channels on YouTube dedicated to exploring the fascinating stories of our past. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why we've put together a list of the nine must-watch history channels on YouTube.

If you're a history buff looking to expand your knowledge, these channels offer a wealth of information presented in engaging and entertaining ways. These channels offer a variety of content ranging from animated shorts to comprehensive documentaries, allowing you to take a trip down memory lane and uncover the extraordinary narratives that have influenced our planet. So what are you waiting for? Dive headfirst into the fascinating world of history, courtesy of these amazing history channels. 

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1. History Channel

This list would not be complete without the History YouTube channel, as it consistently delivers on its promise to provide viewers with exactly what they are looking for. Formerly known as the History Channel, this online hub is your go-to destination for riveting content on everything from World Wars to ancient cuisine, not to mention a slew of intriguing features on female icons. The sheer breadth of historical knowledge on display here is truly mind-boggling. And if you're worried about the channel not keeping up with your insatiable appetite for information, fear not – the tireless New York-based portal posts no less than four times a day, and has been doing so since way back in 2009. 

2. Oversimplified

Looking for a quick and entertaining way to get up to speed on complex historical events? Oversimplified has got you covered. With videos that typically run between 15 to 30 minutes, this channel offers a unique blend of history, animation, and humor that will leave you both informed and entertained. Whether you're trying to wrap your head around the intricacies of the Napoleonic Wars or the French Revolution, Oversimplified breaks down these subjects into bite-sized chunks that are easy to digest. 

3. Hochelaga

The Hochelaga channel is a treasure trove of intriguing and enigmatic tales from our past. It's the go-to destination for those who crave to unravel the mysteries of bygone eras. Uncovering the secrets of bizarre Christian artwork from the Middle Ages, delving into spooky ghost stories from feudal Japan, and exploring unsolved historical enigmas such as the Voynich Manuscript, are just some of the rabbit holes you can plunge down on this channel. But what sets the Hochelaga channel apart is its ability to turn conventional knowledge on its head. You'll discover the hidden stories behind some of the most influential works of art and literature in history. With top-notch production values and meticulous attention to detail, watching Hochelaga's videos is like stepping into a full-fledged documentary. Before you know it, you'll be whisked through time and space, fully immersed in our world's rich past mysteries.

4. Told in Stone

Told in Stone is an archeological playground that will transport you back to the classical world of ancient Greece and Rome. Run by the knowledgeable and passionate Garret Ryan, a former professor with a Ph.D. in the subject, this YouTube channel is like stepping into a time machine. But don't expect dry lectures here; Ryan brings history to life with fascinating tidbits and unexpected revelations. You'll delve into the nitty-gritty details of life in the ancient world, from the lavish excesses of imperial palaces to the rowdy shenanigans of Greek drinking games. And if you've ever wondered what lies beneath the Colosseum or what the public toilets in ancient Rome were like, Told in Stone has all the answers.

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5. The Great War

While many history channels on YouTube cover a broad range of topics across time, The Great War has a laser focus on one specific era: World War I. But don't be fooled by the name - this channel doesn't just regurgitate the facts and figures of battles and tactics. Instead, The Great War offers a deep dive into every aspect of life during this turbulent time, from the artistic and cultural innovations that emerged amidst the chaos to the global issues that captured the world's attention. Of course, military history is still a major part of the channel's content, but it's far from the only story being told. So if you want to truly understand what life was like during this significant juncture in human history, you cannot afford to miss out on The Great War.

6. Biographics

If you're a fan of delving into the intriguing lives of the great and powerful, then the Biographics channel will surely capture your curiosity. With meticulously researched and exceptionally entertaining videos, Biographics illuminates the biographies of some of the most influential people to ever walk this earth. The channel boasts an impressive repertoire of historical figures, encompassing a diverse range of individuals, including ancient rulers like Nebuchadnezzar II, and modern-day celebrities such as Queen Elizabeth II and Elvis Presley. But don't think they shy away from the dark and twisted characters in history - you can even find biographies of infamous figures such as Jack the Ripper and Jeffrey Dahmer. Whatever your interests may be, the chances are that Biographics has produced an enlightening and captivating video on the subject

7. The History Guy

When it comes to bite-sized history lessons, The History Guy reigns supreme, serving up compact videos that range from 5 to 15 minutes in length. Despite the brevity of his content, The History Guy manages to pack in an impressive range of topics, from the lawless Wild West to the mysterious Great Olive Poisoning of 1919. He's like a time-traveling tapas bar, serving up fascinating and obscure slices of history that are easy to digest in a single sitting. With The History Guy, you don't need to clear your entire schedule to learn something new about the past – just grab a snack, sit back, and prepare to be educated and entertained in equal measure.

8. Timeline - World History Documentaries

For those who crave immersive storytelling and deep dives into the past, Timeline on YouTube is an ideal destination. This channel is a treasure trove of meticulously researched and beautifully produced long-form documentaries, covering everything from pivotal battles of World War II to the unearthing of forgotten relics from the Middle Ages. With most videos clocking in between 45 to 90 minutes, viewers can truly sink their teeth into the rich narratives and historical context presented. Those seeking a deeper dive into history will find satisfaction in Timeline's marathon-style videos, which cover expansive topics. An excellent example of this is the channel's three-hour exploration of pre-Columbian America, which is sure to satiate the curiosity of any history enthusiast.

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9. The Operations Room

The Operations Room on YouTube is a goldmine for history enthusiasts who are captivated by the intricate tactics and strategies used in major battles. This channel provides an in-depth exploration of the granular aspects of historical warfare, including the precise movements of the troops, the information available to each party, their responses to enemy movements, and the thought process behind their decisions. For instance, imagine yourself in the shoes of Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese Marshal Admiral of the Imperial Japanese Navy during the Battle of Midway. Given the information available at that time, would you have made the same decision as him? The Operations Room provides an immersive experience that allows you to explore the intricacies of warfare and ponder the "what ifs" of history

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