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Tour the Interiors of This Yacht That's Made of Dreams

This futuristic superyacht isn't yet complete. Everything you see below is a simulation! What makes it futuristic is that it is planned to run entirely on liquid hydrogen. It will be sealed in two vacuum tanks that will store 28 tons of liquid hydrogen each. The temperatures inside each tank will be -423°F (-253°C).
The lucky future owner of this superyacht will be able to host 14 guests and 31 crew members in 4 guestrooms, 2 Japanese-styled VIP cabins, 14 double crew cabins, 2 officer cabins, and 1 captain’s cabin. The owners themselves will reside in their luxurious owner’s pavilion. 
This 372 ft long beast was inspired, as designer Sander Sinot said, by "the lifestyle of a discerning and forward-looking owner". It can be filled with art, musical instruments, and other objects of beauty and culture according to the owner's liking. 
Below is a simulation of the staircase that will connect the top and bottom decks. It is said to be one of the yacht's most prominent design features. Mesmerizing!
The master bedroom will be 50 ft wide. The windows will have large windows for an open, and lavish feeling. Sinot Yacht Source
There will be an indoor health and wellness center that features a gym, an infinity pool, a hydro-massage room, and a yoga studio. Can you imagine working out in front of the ocean like that? 
Sinot Yacht Source
The hydro-massage room:
The furniture on all decks is custom made. You won't find any piece in any shop in the world!
Apart from all the health and wellness devices, there will also be leisure lounges. These will include an indoor cinema, a dining hall, and lounging areas. To top it all, there will be a helicopter landing pad on the top of the yacht. 
Sinot Yacht
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