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Don’t Make These Mistakes While Buying a Mattress

A comfortable mattress is essential for peaceful sleep. A good mattress will provide your body with the best restorative sleep possible. Your mattress's age and cleanliness can affect your sleep quality. But not all of us spend much time thinking about choosing the right mattress, even though we should. After all, it's the one thing in our house we know we'll spend at least a few hours with every day.
If you've recently realized your mattress is past its prime and want to get a new one, you may be assuming that a stroll around the showroom might be enough to help you find the right option. It isn’t as straightforward as that. Mattress shopping is not something we do often, so making a mistake is easy. Here, we’ve put together a list of mistakes experts say you must avoid while buying a new mattress.

1. Not testing a mattress properly in the store

Mistakes While Buying a Mattress, testing
It's really important to give a mattress a proper test drive. Experts say while shopping for a mattress, you should try to sleep just as you would at home. This means you should lie down on it, roll over, and check how easy it is to get in and out of. If you have a sleeping partner, ask them to do the same.
The Sleep Foundation advises checking out mattresses before purchasing them so you can gauge their firmness and comfort.
Important tip: Make sure that you never shop for a mattress when you’re tired. All mattresses will feel comfy if you are exhausted or sleepy. So only try them out when you are well rested.

2. Not considering sleeping positions

Mistakes While Buying a Mattress, sleeping positions
Most of us have one or two sleeping positions in which we feel most at ease. The most common sleeping positions are the side, back, and stomach, with variations of each. When shopping for a new mattress, be sure to consider the one that best suits your favorite sleeping position.
According to the Sleep Foundation, back sleepers should look for mattresses that support their hips and shoulders without putting too much pressure on them. It is usually best to choose a sleeping surface with some conformity but no sagging. Stomach sleepers should choose flat, firm beds to achieve a healthy sleeping posture. Side sleepers, meanwhile, should opt for medium and medium-firm mattresses that don’t put a lot of pressure on their joints.
Combination sleepers would be best served with a mattress soft enough to provide pressure relief for the shoulders but firm enough to support the hips. A medium-firm latex would be suitable for them.

3. Forgetting to consider your body type

Mistakes While Buying a Mattress,  body type
No two bodies are exactly alike. So, please don’t forget to consider your body type while choosing a mattress.
If you have a smaller or lighter frame, you tend to place less pressure on a bed. A firm mattress will not sink sufficiently to relieve strain on your joints. Soft mattresses can provide you with that comfort.
In general, people with larger frames won't feel comfortable on soft mattresses, as they might sink too much and misalign their spines. This might lead to back pain over time. Firmer mattresses with coils and springs mixed with thick layers of foam and a nice pillow top can aid those with bigger frames by supporting their backs and keeping their bodies in alignment.

4. Not testing it for a few nights at home

Mistakes While Buying a Mattress,
Whatever mattress you buy, make sure it comes with a generous home trial. Even if you tried it on in the showroom, you won't know if it's right for you until you sleep on it. Just as your feet need a few days to adjust to a brand-new pair of shoes, the springs and foam of a mattress need time to adjust to your body. One or two nights might not be enough for you to know if the mattress suits your body. Therefore, make sure that a new one offers at least a week's home trial.

5. Not checking the small print

Never forget to check the small print before buying a mattress. Otherwise, you might miss out on a few key details that will help you make a more informed decision. Some manufacturers, for example, offer free shipping but charge for returns. In addition, sleep experts recommend understanding the return conditions thoroughly, as nearly all companies require that mattresses be in immaculate condition to qualify for a refund. Make sure you check the warranty thoroughly, so you know what will and won't be covered after the trial period expires.
You should also consider how the mattress will be shipped to you. See if the company charges a return fee if you change your mind during the trial period.

6. Not considering customer reviews before you buy

Mistakes While Buying a Mattress, customer reviews
For someone looking to buy a new mattress today, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. All the specifications may sound appealing and exactly what you're looking for, but which one should you go for? This is where user reviews can be of the most help. Reading relevant user reviews online and professional mattress evaluations will offer you a rough idea of what the bed is like. Additionally, they will give you a glimpse of customer service and what happens during the returns process.
Read the reviews carefully to determine if there are any recurring issues. It goes without saying that not all user reviews are infallible. However, a basic notion of what to anticipate from a certain model will be provided by several people complimenting specific qualities of the mattress. Expert reviews can give you useful information about the mattress you’re thinking of buying too.
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