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10 Cleaning Tips From Professionals

Have you ever wondered how professional cleaning teams manage to get their work done so quickly and with such spectacular results? Well, so did we. That's why we got in touch with a couple of professional housekeepers to show us exactly what they do. Below, you'll find ten of their most useful tips and tricks, that'll save you from going through hours of frustration every time you pick up a mop!

1. Clean Everything From Top to Bottom

By starting at the top of the room and shaking everything onto the floor, you'll save yourself a lot of work later on. Always remember to leave the floors until you're done cleaning every other part of the room. You can also apply this concept to the entire house, by cleaning upper levels first, then working your way down.

2. Start Collecting Odd Tools

Some of the best cleaning tools you can invest in are also the most unorthodox ones, namely a toothbrush, a squeegee, and cloth diapers. Cloth diapers make excellent buffers and dusters, while a squeegee is great for cleaning showers, stairs, and countertops. A toothbrush will also help you access any little nooks and crannies which would otherwise be quite hard to reach.

3. Attack Stains Immediately

It might seem obvious, but it's essential to treat stains as soon as they appear, since the longer you leave them, the harder it'll be to get them out. For surfaces like marble, we'd recommend wiping them immediately with a soft cloth, and to avoid using acidic solutions that contain vinegar or lemon.

4. Only Wear Indoor Shoes Inside

If you change your shoes as soon as you enter your home, it'll prevent any dirt or bacteria that you picked up outdoors from spreading all over your floors and carpets.


5. Try Vacuuming Inwards

Professionals recommend vacuuming into a room and then doing it all in reverse again on your way out. Doing it this way will ensure that your floor is twice as clean by the time you're done!

6. Beat and Vacuum Curtains

Whacking your drapes with a rolled-up towel will help to release all of the dust and dirt onto the floor, which can be cleaned up easily later on. In this way, your curtains will take a lot less effort to actually clean.

7. Keep Your Lights On

It's much harder to make out dirty spots in the dark. During the day, make sure you take advantage of any natural light by opening all of your blinds and curtains while cleaning. At night, make sure to turn on as many lights as possible to reduce the amount of shadowy areas in your home.

8. Clean in a Path

While cleaning, it's a good idea to envision each area as a grid. When using this method, simple move vertically down every line of the grid, and then back up the next one. This will ensure that no spot gets left out, keeping your home as clean as possible.

9. Tackle Bigger Messes First

If there's one area in a room that's far messier than the rest, we'd advise you to tackle it first. In this way, you won't have to work around it and it'll make cleaning the rest of the room a breeze.

10. Play Music

Anyone who cleans for a living will agree that listening to music while you work can make even the toughest of tasks a pleasant experience. Next time you reach for your rubber gloves, make sure you fish out your dancing shoes as well!




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