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These 15 Charts Are Both Useful and Interesting!

The majority of people associate learning and education with the classroom and our childhood years, but from my own experience, school is only the beginning of the journey. Learning is a lifelong and limitless process that is fueled by interest and curiosity and not grades or exams. And what is a better way to spark a person’s interest than by presenting information visually?

The 15 charts we’ve prepared for you today cover topics like health, classical music, and everything in-between, and they are full of useful and just fascinating information, perfect for a lifelong learner like you. Tip: if it’s difficult for you to read one of these pictures, click on the image itself, and it will expand in size.
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1. The various ways to make a fire

Interesting Charts The various ways to make a fire
2. The basics of leather
Interesting Charts leather
3. Why walking is healthy
Interesting Charts walking is healthy

4. The most prolific classical composers

Interesting Charts composers

5. How color influences our emotions

Interesting Charts color

6. Who knew that there are so many different types of hedgehogs in the world

Interesting Charts hedgehogs

7. This is proof of how nuanced English really is

Interesting Charts collective nouns for birds

8. Piglets come in many packages, too, not only hedgehogs

Interesting Charts types of pigs

9. The meaning of every US armed forces rank insignia

Interesting Charts US armed forces insignia

10. The various types of briefcases

Interesting Charts briefcases

11. Wow, those prices are steep!

Interesting Charts baseball stadium

12. Important information about spider bites

Interesting Charts  spider bites

13. The intricate headgear of World War I

Interesting Charts headgear of World War I

14. The cleaning chemicals you shouldn't mix

Interesting Charts cleaning chemicals

15. For the sushi lovers

Interesting Charts sushi cuts
Source of all images: Acidcow
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