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A List of 10 Funny and Bizarre Competitions Around the World

People around the world have many unique hobbies. Each of us has one. Some are more widespread, like hiking or cooking, and others are, well, strange, esoteric, or oddly specific. These oddball hobbies and talents have become an inspiration for even stranger competitions around the world. Here is a list of 10 competitions that will make you roll on the floor laughing, shock you, or, who knows, maybe even inspire you. Some of them date back centuries and others are very contemporary - but none are mundane. Enjoy!

1. Space-out competition in South Korea

The competitive sport here is to literally do nothing! The winner is the one that holds the longest doing nothing without losing focus or falling asleep. This is not as easy as it may sound! How long could you go without giving up? 

2. Sitting on a pole competition

Another competition in which you pretty much have to do nothing is this one. Competitors sit on a pole as long as they can until they finally nod off or become too numb and stiff from sitting. Competitors are allowed an occasional restroom break, though.  

3. Wife carrying championship

The name and picture are pretty self-explanatory. In this competition, you race while carrying your wife to the finish line! This type of competition exists all around the globe. Contestants participate for a chance to win different prizes, such as the weight of their wife in beer or even money. 

4. Tar barrels of Ottery St. Mary

This competition is unique to the town of Ottery in England. The origins date back to 1605 when a group of citizens attempted to blow up the monarch James I. Locals who participate run with a flaming barrel dipped in tar on their backs! Do not try this at home. 

5. World pea-shooting championships

This is a relatively new competition. It was invented in 1971 by a school principal who had caught his students pulling this naughty prank in class. Mischievous and fun, the competition became a yearly tradition that lasts till today in the village of Witcham, England. 

6. 17th street high heel race

This is a costume race held in Washington DC. Contestants race while dressed in costumes and high heels, running in the streets at night. The winner is he who reaches 17th Street first! The tradition started in 1986. 

7. Totnes orange races

The participants of this competition will roll, kick, or throw an orange along a 1,500-foot course in Devon, England. This competition has antique origins that date all the way back to 1580 when a local knocked over an orange cart, scattering them down the street. 

8. Cockroach racing

This competition may give you the chills! It started in 1982 in Australia but quickly spread to other parts of the world, as cockroaches are, well, pretty much everywhere. The prizes aren't material, but the honor of the title is satisfying enough, I guess!

9. Bee wearing competition

Probably the most dangerous competition on our list, this one requires contestants to wear glasses, shorts, and even nose plugs to keep the bees out. The goal: attract as many bees as possible to sit on your body! The brave winner is the one with the biggest swarm on them. 

10. Air guitar competitions

This is a hobby-dancing-performance-acting mash-up kind of competition. Participants play an imaginary guitar in a heavy metal style, leaving it for the judges to decide who performed most accurately without actually singing or playing an instrument. Hilarious, we know!
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