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This Food Stylist Creates Animal-Inspired Edible Art!

Remember that time when the food in front of you looked so beautiful that it felt too good to eat? Well, today we're sharing some pictures that are exactly that. Food stylist De Meal Prepper likes to play with her food and create some delightfully artistic preparations. Her creations are not just beautiful and pleasing to the eyes, they look like refined and delicate works of art!
Here, we have shared some of the best food preparations by De Meal Prepper. What’s more, we’ve also included the recipes of these exotic dishes that the talented artist has shared with the world on her Instagram page. Now, drool over these artistic food preparations and imagine what they might taste like.

1. "Hedgehog Herbee!" 

Recipe: Rice spiced with chili oil, black truffle, kurkuma, and fresh parsley

Food Art,
Image source: De Meal Prepper

2. "Happy Rabbit"

Recipe: Greek pasta with homemade tomato sauce, green haricots, chives, and feta cheese. 

Food Art, Rabbit
Image source: De Meal Prepper

3. "Bengal Beauty"

Recipe: "An aromatic plate of black and Thai jasmine rice. Serve with steamed vegetables and soy sauce".


Image source: De Meal Prepper

4. "Arabian Horse Delight"

Recipe: "Pearl couscous served with a creamy mascarpone sauce, chicory, and fresh herbs."

Food Art, Horse
Image source: De Meal Prepper

5. "Foxy Delicious"

Recipe: "Spicy side dish with bulgur, Thai rice, and chili sauce! Seasoned with roasted black garlic and ras-el-hanout."

Food Art, fox
Image source: De Meal Prepper

6. "Koala Beans"

Recipe: "Mung bean puree with couscous and a fresh Greek yogurt dressing."


Image source: De Meal Prepper

7. "Easter Bunny"

Recipe: "Crunchy pie crust made out of shortcrust pastry to cover a carrot cinnamon cake."


Image source: De Meal Prepper

8. "Potato Monkey"

Recipe: "Mashed potatoes & cauliflower, carrots, and basil, spiced with curry powder, salt, and white pepper."

Image source: De Meal Prepper

9. "Pancake Ara"

Recipe: "Sweet tropical pancakes made with coconut and coconut milk."

Food Art, parrot
Image source: De Meal Prepper

10. "Peacock Potatoes"

Recipe: "Creamy garlic mashed potatoes, spiced with nutmeg, salt, and white pepper. Serve with a fresh salad or roasted vegetables.


Image source: De Meal Prepper

11. "Highland Cow Noodles"

Recipe: "Made out of rice, noodles and cauliflower puree."


Image source: De Meal Prepper

12. "African Beauty"

Recipe: "Veggie vermicelli with homemade fresh tomato sauce, carrots, green peppers, onions, and garlic."

Food Art, giraffe
Image source: De Meal Prepper

13. "Sweet Bulldog Elvis"

Recipe: "A chocolate crust that has been made to cover a creamy rice pie."

Image source: De Meal Prepper

14. "Madagascar Red Owl"

Recipe: "Made of cauliflower puree, Greek pasta, sesame seeds, and kurkuma."

owl, food art
Image source: De Meal Prepper

15. "King of the Jungle"

Recipe: "Aromatic Basmati rice with fresh tuna sashimi, noodles, and soy sauce. Serve with wasabi and fresh ginger."

Food Art, lion
Image source: De Meal Prepper
Check out more works of the artist on her Instagram page. 

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