WDYK About the Show 'Friends'?

The tv sitcom 'Friends' became an international sensation when it debuted in 1994. For 10 seasons, people were glued to the exploits of these six friends and their antics. What do you know about this incredibly famous tv show?
Who in the show are brother and sister?
Ross and Monica
Ross and Rachel
Chandler and Monica
Joey and Phoebe
In what city does the show take place?
New York
Los Angeles
What is Monica's job?
Fashion designer
What weird bodily flaw did Chandler have?
A third nipple
One leg is shorter than the other
Can't hear out of his right ear
No bellybutton
What is Rachel's last name?
Which couple got married first?
Ross and Rachel
Chandler and Monica
Joey and Phoebe
Joey and Rachel
Why did Ross's first marriage fall apart?
His wife fell in love with another woman
His wife left him for another man
He fell in love with Rachel
He cheated on his wife
When did Monica and Chandler sleep together for the first time?
During the trip to Vegas
During the trip to London
During the trip to the beach house
When they were stuck in an elevator together
Why did Monica and Rachel change apartments with Joey and Chandler?
They lost a trivia game
The boys guessed what was in the girl's shopping bags
The girls needed a cheaper apartment
The boys needed a cheaper apartment
Who did NOT have a guest appearance on the show?
Bruce Willis
Brad Pitt
Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts
What is the name of Ross and Rachel's baby?
What is the name of the coffee shop the friends gather?
Central Perk
Parking Center
Coffee Perks
Park Perks
Not a Fan
You may have watched the show a long time ago, or maybe not at all. In any case, you're not much of a fan, and so you don't remember much about it. If you think that's wrong, why not try again?
You Know Quite a Bit
You may not be the biggest 'Friends' fan, knowing everything about each character, but you are quite a bit familiar with the show, and know some crucial details about the show. If you enjoyed it, it's always on Netflix!
You're the 7th Friend!
You must have loved this show, along with the rest of us! You know these friends really well, and have probably, like the rest of us, felt they are your friends too! That was the genius of the show, and we're glad you enjoyed it!
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