Love Island Quiz

Love Island, the famous (and some say infamous) reality that has conquered the world of reality tv shows and has been remade in various countries. It's a mix of romance, entertainment and, often, some shocking moments. What do you know about Love Island? Let's find out!
The original Love Island is a ______ dating show
The current Love Island is a revival of an earlier series that only lasted two seasons... when were those two seasons?
Who was the host of Love Island when it was revived in 2015?
Laura Whitmore
Caroline Flack
Maya Jama
Iain Stirling
Love Island gained controversy by being connected to at least four...
Drug arrests
True or False: The original presenter of the show committed suicide
As of 2022, how many seasons of Love Island have there been?
Where did the contestants stay during the first two seasons of Love Island?
Santanyí , the Spanish island of Majorca
Cape Town, South Africa
Sant Llorenç des Cardassar, the Spanish island of Mallorca
Who will host season 9 (2023) of Love Island?
Maya Jama
Laura Whitmore
Chloe Burrows
Davide Sanclimenti
Which couple won season 8 of Love Island?
Davide Sanclimenti & Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu
Gemma Owen & Luca Bish
Finn Tapp & Paige Turley
Liam Reardon & Millie Court
Which season of Love Island had the most people watching?
Season 5
Season 1
Season 2
Season 8
Which season of Love Island has the LEAST people watching?
Season 1
Season 6
Season 2
Season 5
Who were the first couple to ever win Love Island?
Jess Hayes & Max Morley
Cara De La Hoyde & Nathan Massey
Hannah Elizabeth & Jon Clark
Alex Bowen & Olivia Buckland
What are the contestants of Love Island called?
True or False: Contestants of Love Island can only be eliminated by public vote
What does the winning couple of Love Island win?
50,000 pounds
100,000 dollars
A house
An all-expenses-paid honeymoon
Shall we try again?
While you got a few answers right, it doesn't seem you know much about Love Island, or have forgotten most of what you knew. No worries, have a look at our answers to learn more about it!
You did well!
You know quite a bit about this famous reality tv show. You definitely know more than the average person, but there are some things about Love Island you didn't get right. How about taking a look at our answers to learn more?
You know this show!
You MUST have watched quite a lot of Love Island to get this much right. It's a very entertaining show, and you've got a good memory for it. You totally aced this test, congratulations!
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