What Do You Know About the EU?

 The European Union is one of the biggest organizations on the planet, and the biggest union of countries during peacetime the world has ever seen. The economic power is enormous, if problematic at times. How much do you know about this institution? Let's test you!
How many members are there in the European Parliament?
How many stars are there on the EU flag?
What is the European Union’s anthem?
Ode to Joy
Things Can Only Get Better
Joy to the World
As of 2021, what country was the latest to have joined the EU?
Croatia joined in 2013, Bulgaria joined in 2007, Turkey is a candidate and Ukraine never applied.
Which one of these is NOT one of the European Union’s ‘’four freedoms’’?
The one missing here is "Free movement of persons."
Freedom of movement of religion
Freedom of movement of goods
Freedom of movement of services
Freedom of movement of capital
How often are EU elections held?
Every 4 years
Every 5 years
Every 8 years
They are elected for life
If we look at the EU as ONE country in terms of population, where does it stand among the largest countries?
After China and India. The EU holds about 446 miliion.
It would be the seventh largest
It would be the third largest
It would be the second largest
It would be the 10th largest
Which of the following non-EU countries uses the euro as an official currency?
Vatican City
All answers are correct
Who is the current president of the European Commission?
Ursula von der Leyen
José Manuel Barroso
Romano Prodi
Manuel Marín
True or False: The European Union is the world's biggest exporter of manufactured goods.
Which of these countries is NOT in the EU?
Which of these is NOT one of the declared values of the EU?
Human Dignity
Try Again?
Perhaps the European Union is not your forte. You probably don't live there or this geographic structure doesn't really interest you. That said, it is one of the biggest trading powers in the world as well as including a lot of important countries, so we'd recommend finding out more about it.
You Know Some Stuff...
You definitely know quite a bit about this European goliath! It is indeed a huge affair this block of countries and we are very pleased you know quite a bit about it. There is still room for improvement, so it is up to you if you'd like another go...
You Know Your EU!
Wow you really know a lot about the European Union. Do you reside in one of its countries? Even then, it's quite an impressive feat. We congratulate you for acing our quiz and showing such knowledge about this important geographic structure. KUDOS!
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