Are You Ready For Your Next Vacation?

 Whether it's on a casual work trip, a romantic vacation or a border-crossing family adventure, we all love to travel the globe. The variety of cultures and places we can experience and see are wide and diverse that we may even give up hours of sleep to fit it all in. The colors, the scenery, the smells and the people make all the difference and give us the perfect vacation we were looking for. But along with all the logistical preparations we make, such as booking tickets, changing money and packing, it is very important to know the culture and customs of the places we are visiting. Think you know all the laws and customs of every country? We invite you to test yourself and see how well you know the countries and cities of the world, and whether you are really ready for your next vacation.
A man swimming in a pool
In which country is it forbidden to enter a public pool with a bodysuit?
In France it is forbidden to enter public pools with a bodysuit, only a bathing suit is permitted
Left hand
Which countries use only their right hand to shake hands?
In India and Sri Lanka, the left hand is used only for self-cleaning (showering, going to the bathroom, etc.), so anything else like eating, shaking hands, and paying for something is done only with the right hand.
Vietnam and Cambodia
Sri Lanka and India
Latvia and Lithuania
Sweden and Norway
A woman standing on a balcony with a dress and heels looking at the view
In what country will my wife not be allowed to walk in heels to historic sites?
In some historical sites in Greece, it is forbidden to enter with high heels for fear that they will damage the place.
A woman raises her hands as a sign of confusion
In which country does nodding “yes” actually mean “no?”
In Bulgaria, if you nod your head “yes” (up and down), it actually means "no.”
A man smoking an electronic cigarette
In which country is it forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes or to vape?
In Thailand, it is forbidden to smoke electronic cigarettes and vapes in all public places, and there are even certain beaches where smoking regular cigarettes are forbidden
A car
While during the winter season turning on your headlights during the day is expected, in this country I risk a fine if I do so:
In Denmark, it is absolutely forbidden to turn on the headlights of a vehicle during the day, and you can even get a fine for doing so.
Gum stuck to the bottom of a shoe
In this country I could go to jail if I chew gum outside my house:
In Singapore it is absolutely forbidden to chew, sell and throw gum in the street. The offender may go to jail and face high fines.
Saudi Arabia
North Korea
A woman feeding pigeons
What city in the world would I get a fine if for feeding pigeons in the main square?
In Venice, it is forbidden to feed the pigeons because of the contamination of their feces on the city’s buildings.
Gas Station
In which country should I not run out of gas in the middle of a highway?
On the highways in Germany, you should pay attention to your fuel tank because you risk a fine if you get stuck in the middle of the road
A woman signing “OK”
In what country is the "Okay" sign (OK) interpreted as a particularly insulting curse?
Avoid the "okay" hand movement in Brazil, because its meaning among locals is a particularly insulting curse.
A woman smoking a cigarette and drinking whiskey
In what country would I get a high penalty if I smoked cigarettes and drank alcoholic beverages in the middle of the street?
If I like beach getaway vacations, to which country should I fly to enjoy the longest stretch of beach?
Canada has the longest stretch of beach in the world, covering 202,080 km
South Africa
The salesman said I could not pay him in Euros even though we are in Europe - which country does not accept this currency?
Czech Republic Poland and Hungary are countries in the European Union but not part of the Eurozone, so it is not possible to pay using this currency.
Czech Republic
A man and a woman walking with bathing suits
The policeman in this city gave me a fine because I walked in the street in a bathing suit - where am I?
Buenos Aires
A baseball team singinf
In what country do citizens sing an anthem of another country, simply because they don’t have one of their own?
Cyprus has no national anthem and in 1966 they decided to adopt the Greek anthem as their own.
South Korea
A hand signing peace
In which countries does a peace sign with the palm of the hand facing inward, mean the same as a middle finger?
All the answers are correct
A car driving down the street between a row of trees
I don’t understand why everyone is driving on the left side of the street! Where am I?
In the UK, Ireland, Malta and Cyprus people drive on the left side of the street.
A woman holding a large map
Don't travel alone....
You can say that customs and laws from around the world are a little foreign to you, but with a little preparation, you can travel anywhere! However, you need to strengthen your knowledge and learn more about a few cultures and laws so that you can travel around the world without fear of fines and angry looks pointing your way. Try the test again to get even better results!
A suitcase
You’ll do just fine!
You have basic knowledge, maybe even more than most people have when it comes to the laws and customs of the broader world. There is no doubt that you’ve spent a lot of time abroad and that you know most of the different cultures in the world, but we encourage you to enrich your knowledge even more by going over your answers so that you can one day even be a travel guide for your friends!
Hands holding a map
You could be a tour guide!
There is no doubt that you know the laws and customs of countries and cities of the world. You have probably spent a considerable amount of time abroad and made friends from all over the world who have been telling you about their culture and where they come from. The knowledge you have acquired is very broad and you can use it wisely - we have no doubt you won’t be charged ridiculous fines or see angry faces around the world because you know exactly what to avoid! Share this test with your friends and how they score!
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