This Quiz Will Reveal What Passion Motivates You in Life

 One of the best ways to learn about ourselves is to examine how we process information, what is the first association that jumps into our heads about the different things we experience and what draws our attention most of all. This is exactly what comprises the next test, which will help you find out exactly what motivates you in life according to what you think you see. We invite you to answer the following 10 questions and discover surprising and interesting things about yourself...
An abstract graphic illustration in blue and light blue
What do you see in this picture?
A paint splatter
The atmosphere
Granite rock
Something else
Graphic illustration of the lower half of a face with a starry sky coming out of it
Does this picture make you feel happy or sad?
A little of both
An abstract graphic illustration in white and light blue
What do you see in the water’s reflection?
Something else
Orange light against the sky and a shadow of mountains
Is this a picture of a sunrise or sunset?
Graphical illustration of a golden object on a black background
What do you see in this picture?
An eye
A black hole in space
An explosion
Something else
Figures of ghosts against the backdrop of a cemetery at night
What is the first detail you notice in this picture?
The couple holding hands
The gravestone on the left
The path on the right
The birds in the sky
The naked tree
An illuminated tunnel/enclosure in the shape of a pipe
What does this picture remind you of?
A staircase
A rose
A tunnel
A well
Something else
A shadow of people raising their hands
What are the people in the picture doing?
Something else
An abstract graphic illustration in shades of purple
What shape jumps out at you when you look at this picture?
An abstract graphic illustration of illuminated objects in the form of fireworks
What do you see in this picture?
Something else
You are motivated by love
a pink rose
You are controlled mainly by your passion to be connected to others. Whether you’re looking for a romantic relationship or you want to improve your relationship with a friend or family member, love is what motivates and influences your decisions. You are warm and merciful and these qualities are what attract others to you. You find it easy to connect with others you find to be good-hearted and are always looking to deepen your connection with them. It doesn’t matter what journey life takes you on, you’ll always be surrounded by people who love you because you know how to reciprocate their love.
You are motivated by hope
a plan growing out of rocks
While cynics may claim your optimism borders on naivety, you know the hope that burns in your heart is something they lack in their lives and is a priceless gift. You know you have the potential to succeed at anything you try, and that all you need to accomplish great things is to put in the effort. While others are bothered by their mundane problems, your rise above the challenges you face and pay mind only to the shining future ahead of you. Your optimism often affects the people around you and you have the ability to teach them how to dream big and not give up on their aspirations. As long as hope burns within you, you’ll always be the best you you can be.
You are motivated by courage
a woman tight lining
You want to live life to the fullest and enjoy every day like it is your last. You live constantly aware that your days on earth are numbered and that is what motivates you to take big risks to reap rewards which are just as big. You’re the type of person that others want to be like because not everyone has the courage to break the boundaries of their lives. You don’t waste any time on superfluous thoughts and prefer to let your heart lead the way. As long as you keep challenging yourself, your brave heart will lead you to the right places.
You are motivated by serenity
rpebbles balancing on top each other
The quiet moments you spend lost in your thoughts are the ones you cherish most of all. The hustle of everyday life can oftentimes be hard on you and wear you out. You aspire to reach complete peace of mind and balance and are mostly aware of the feelings you are experiencing and the way they make you act. Even though you aren’t actively trying to avoid a social life of sorts, you tend to devote a large part of your day to quietness and being solitary. You aspire to be as calm as possible throughout the day and those that know you, know that you have the ability to bestow that same tranquility on them as well.
You are motivated by legacy
a woman potting a plant
You believe that each one of us has the power to do something meaningful that can change the world in unimaginable ways, and that’s because you are ambitious and aren’t afraid of hard work. While others plan out their vacations, you’re already planning the next goal you set out to conquer. You are restless and always aspiring to reach the next chapter of your life, and if you keep pushing yourself and don’t give up, no one can stop you from changing the world.
You are motivated by self-realization
a woman taking a mirror selfie
Your life till now has been a journey of self-exploration, in which you focused on your personal development and finding your hidden talents. Sometimes your goals felt too challenging and larger than life, however, that’s because you have the urge to do bigger things than just finding a successful career or buying a beautiful house. You want to make a change in your life and live by your values and not by society’s expectations. The journey to self-realization is steep and elusive, however, you are ready to take it on without fear. You won’t let anything get in the way of your truth and the change to a better you.
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