Is the Child In You Still Alive and Kicking?

Some say that the secret to a happy life is simply staying young forever, but of course, this isn’t possible, and each and every one of us must grow up and become a responsible person who contributes to society. However, this doesn’t mean that we should ignore the little kid within us, rather that we need to know when its okay to “let him/her out” and enjoy the world in the best way possible. Does the child inside of you have a voice, or have you forgotten it long ago in a hidden area in your heart? Answer the 12 questions in the next test and find out if the child within you is still alive...
A tent on a mountain
One of your friends organizes a spontaneous trip to a nature reserve during the weekend and invites you. What's the first thing that pops into your head?
How much is it going to cost?
I need to check my calendar and make sure I'm free
Excitement about the break in routine
A messy desk
How would you describe your work environment or your wardrobe?
Neat and bright
Messy, but I know where everything is
Two women lying head to head
How would your friends and family describe you?
A woman stretching out in front of a window
Your boss gave you a day off by surprise. What are you going to do with this time?
I’ll use it to get things done that I haven’t had the time for until now
I’ll relax
I’ll make plans to meet a friend or family member at a coffee shop
I'll do something fun that I haven’t done in a while and wanted to do
A man hugging a dog
Choose the animal you most connect with:
A doctor holding a medical sheet
Your doctor has told you that you should start taking care of your health. What will you do?
I'll start going to the gym and reduce my fat intake
I’ll start walking more often, but I won’t change my diet radically
I’ll continue to do what I’ve done till now without listening to the doctor's advice
A city street
You spotted a musician or actor you admire on the street. How do you react?
I’ll respect their privacy and leave them alone
I’ll calmly walk up to them and tell them how much I appreciate their work
I’ll run up to them and ask for a signature
A woman blowing candles on a birthday cake
What do you want for your birthday?
I want my family and friends to wish me a happy birthday.
A good meal with the people I love.
Gifts, and lots!
A woman having a conversation with a man and smiling
Your friend tells you a story that sounds unbelievable. How do you react?
I'll ask lots of questions to really test the story
It's just a story, I can listen without investing too much of myself
I’ll tell an even stranger and more unbelievable story
People sit and eat around a table
During a family gathering, like a holiday meal, who do you prefer to spend more time with?
With the adults
With the kids
A road
Select your preferred vehicle:
A woman's legs with wool socks, and a book and a hot drink next to them
What do you do when you're sick?
Make soup and making sure there's enough medicine in the closet
Visit the doctor and rest a lot
Lie in bed and let my partner take care of me
Your inner child is alive and kicking!
A boy jumping on a trampoline
It's quite possible that those who have known you since your younger years would assert that you haven't changed much at all. You have managed to retain the energetic, humorous, and spontaneous spirit that defined your youth. This doesn't imply immaturity, but rather demonstrates your ability to stay true to yourself and not let the trappings of adulthood deter you from pursuing your passions and enjoying life to the fullest. Occasionally, your approach to life may put others in uncomfortable situations, perhaps due to your lack of punctuality or a sense of humor that some may find offensive. However, those who truly know and understand you recognize that this is simply an intrinsic part of your character, and they need not take your actions or words to heart. While it's important to celebrate and embrace the youthful qualities that make you who you are, also consider the impact your actions may have on others. Strive to find a balance that allows you to maintain your unique zest for life while also being mindful of how you may affect those around you. By nurturing your inner child and staying true to your authentic self, you can continue to experience the joy and excitement that life has to offer. At the same time, be open to growth and self-reflection, as this will enable you to foster positive connections and evolve as a person. In doing so, you'll create a harmonious blend of youthful exuberance and empathy that enriches both your life and the lives of those around you.
Your inner child is alive, but it’s grown a bit older
A mature child standing with their arms across their chest
You possess an inner teenager who occasionally makes an appearance when given the chance to shine. This spirited adolescent within you still delights in attending concerts and breaking free from the monotonous routine of everyday life. However, your inner teen has matured alongside you, learning the importance of balancing excitement with responsibility. You never neglect your duties, such as work or caring for your own children, in pursuit of these exhilarating experiences. Your inner teen has evolved over time, reshaping their priorities and understanding the significance of responsibility in order to live a fulfilling and balanced life. As a result, you have cultivated a harmonious soul, one that embodies the perfect blend of youthful exuberance and the wisdom that comes with age. Embrace this unique aspect of your personality, allowing your inner teenager to continue to grow and adapt as life's circumstances change. Remember that this balance of youthful energy and mature responsibility is a gift, as it allows you to navigate life's ups and downs with both enthusiasm and groundedness. As you move forward, strive to maintain this equilibrium by nurturing both aspects of yourself. Encourage your inner teen to indulge in moments of spontaneity and joy, while also honoring the responsibilities and commitments that have shaped your adult life. By doing so, you'll continue to foster a balanced soul that is ready to embrace all the adventure and challenges that life has to offer.
Your inner child is hiding deep inside you
A boy sitting on the grass and looking sad
When was the last time you did something new, ventured out of your comfort zone, or even just laughed wholeheartedly? If you're struggling to remember such a moment, it may be time to search deep within your heart and reconnect with the child that has been hiding there. It seems that, perhaps due to the demands of adult life or a fear of judgment, you haven't allowed your inner child to come out and play in quite some time. This weekend, make a conscious decision to break free from the norm and engage in an activity that you've been longing to try but have been unable to make time for. Doing so will help awaken your dormant inner child and allow them to reclaim some space in your life. It could be something as simple as painting, dancing, or exploring a new place – the key is to choose an activity that sparks joy and ignites your sense of wonder. Allow yourself to embrace the uninhibited curiosity, playfulness, and enthusiasm of a child. Remember, there is no shame in enjoying life as a child would – in fact, it is essential for fostering a truly happy and fulfilled life. By nurturing your inner child, you'll likely find that you can approach challenges with greater resilience, and that your relationships with others will be enriched by the authenticity and joy you bring to them. So, this weekend, step out of your adult shoes and give yourself permission to be a little more carefree, to explore, to laugh, and to rediscover the simple pleasures that life has to offer. You may just find that reconnecting with your inner child allows you to experience a newfound sense of happiness, freedom, and wonder that will carry over into your everyday life.
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