What Superpower Should You Have?

 No, we're not trying to find out which superhero you would be! What we want is to find out is what kind of special power would be right for you, as a way to understand yourself better and what you would do if you had more options than we regularly get in this world. So let's find out what kind of superpower you should wield.
What do you feel like you've never had enough of in this life?
Time to myself
The opportunity to see all I wanted
Good years
Chances to help people
People who know you may describe you as...
A shy person
A busy, tired person
A joyful person
A big hearted person
A person with many stories to tell
Choose a photo that reminds you of your nighttime dreams...
In another life, what would you have been?
A pilot
A doctor
A spy or secret agent
I'd rather have another chance at my own life
Something productive and incredible
What scares you most right now?
Not having enough money
Being unimportant
Not having enough time
Getting too much attention
Not enjoying this period of my life
Did you ever want to be famous?
Nope. That would be a nightmare.
Yes, for doing something really good
Yes, for being special and unique
Yes, for being successful and impressive
I mostly just miss the times I had dreams like that
If you had the ability, would you like to be a professional hero?
Of course!
Nope, too much pressure
Choose an element you feel is most like you
What do you think is or will be the best time of your life?
The best time is right now
The best time was my childhood
The best time was some years ago
The best time is still ahead of me
Complete the sentence: If you could, you would live somewhere...
Remote and secluded
That moves around, seeing new places
That is close to all my important places
That is close to where I've spent most of my life
That is in a big city or other populated place
Which of these are you most proud of?
My work / career
My memories and experiences
My ability to live with others
The trips I took
The help I gave others
You kick the ground with your heel and you soar above it effortlessly, making your way into the wide blue sky above you. You can fly! Flying is something that is right for you. It will give you the ultimate feeling of freedom, allowing you to go wherever you want to go without anyone being able to stop you. Being able to fly will make you a unique, incredibly magical person, who will inspire envy in some and inspire awe in others. It will be up to you to decide if you just want to enjoy the incredible beauty and freedom of flying, or whether you'll use it for more than that...
You snap your fingers and, faster than a hummingbird's wing, you become totally invisible, clothes and all. You can become invisible! <br><br> Being invisible isn't for everyone. While a lot of people want to be seen, given attention to and adored, you would prefer to be able to get out of any social situation, avoid any intrusion you don't feel like dealing with and, in short - avoid a heck of a lot of headaches and trouble. You may need some time in your life away from other people, to be able to control your own destiny and to make your own decisions without influencing others. <br><br> Becoming invisible when you want will give you all this and more. However, you'll need a strong moral code, because it will become VERY easy to be a thief or a peeping Tom. So you'll need to have that strong moral fiber to keep to yourself and out of trouble!
You think about Paris, and snap your fingers... POOF! You're in Paris, but there are too many people, so you snap them again... POOF! You're in Berlin, and it's a lovely day. You can teleport! <br><br> Teleportation is going to be wonderful for you. No more worrying about time, about getting all you need to do done, about cutting corners and making do. Not for you. You can now be wherever you want when you want. No traffic, no waiting. <br><br>This is a sense of freedom and ability you've always needed. In this way, you can get so much more done, which is something that's important to you. You can be all the things you want to be and see all the things you wanted to see, using this life you have to the max!
Reliving Your Experiences
You lie back in your chair, close your eyes... and you're there, decades ago, living the best day of your life as if you are experiencing it for the first time. Every sense is there, the visuals, the sounds, the touch - even the smell and taste of that day. You can relive any memory you want this way. This power will be wonderful for you, perhaps because you desperately miss other periods in your life, or perhaps because you don't have as many memories as you'd like of the best times of your life. Unfortunately, it could also be because you don't like your present, and would like to live more in the past. While this puts your future at risk, it is a very human, and very understandable emotion. <br><br>One of the great problems of being human is all that we forget, even the good experiences only leave a few memories in our heads, a snapshot of a much greater memory. Being able to relive the best of your days - that is truly a superpower.
Healing Touch
You go to your local hospital. As you enter the ER, you casually touch a bleeding man with your finger. He freezes in surprise as his bleeding stops and his wound closes in front of his eyes. An hour later, you walk out of an ER full of healthy, awed people. They gather near the door and watch you as you leave. You can heal with a touch! This power is not for everyone. In fact, you'll need to have a very strong moral fiber and a great love for people and for helping them. Being a healer in a world full of sick people, you will be bombarded with requests for help and, along with adoration, people will mistrust you, turn on you and demand your help at all times of day and night. You will probably have very little time for a personal life, as this power is more than just an ability - it's a calling, and you will need to answer it. On the other hand, the amount of happiness and joy you'll bring to the world with your very touch will put a permanent smile on your face, and a feeling of satisfaction deeper than anything else will bring.
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