Which Musical Should You Watch Next?

The goal of this personality test is to identify which themes will most interest you in the next musical you see, and so determine which classic musical you should go watch.
Which of the following fairy tales do you like best?
Little Red Riding Hood
Hensel and Gretel
The Emperor's New Clothes
Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves
Which of the following destinations is the most beautiful vacation destination in your eyes?
Santorini, Greece
New York, USA
Paris, France
Jerusalem, Israel
Pick the photo that most captures your attention.
Which of the following qualities do you value most - in others?
How do you feel about talking politics with other people?
I never get bored of it
No thanks, do it elsewhere
I prefer it to only happen rarely
What is your attitude towards laws and authority?
They must always be respected
Excessive authority and bad laws lead to corruption
Laws are made to be broken
I usually honor them, but bend them here and there
If one wants a simple life one stays away from such interests
Choose the instrument that produces your favorite sound
Pick a quote that speaks to you...
"Together we can change the world, just one random act of kindness at a time."
"All things are difficult before they are easy."
"A day without laughter is a day wasted."
"Justice is the sum of all moral duty."
"When you don't take a stand against corruption you tacitly support it."
Which of these is a favorite passtime of yours?
Going out to a bar, show or club with friends
Spending time with my family
A romantic date with a partner
Hosting large dinners/parties
Volunteering for something I care about
Which of the following photos best reflects, in your eyes, a romantic moment between two people?
Krista Guenin
Les Miserables
Get ready for a big revolution in your life - because the next musical you need to see is "Les Misérables", based on the successful novel by Victor Hugo. It is especially suitable for you because it seems that issues such as justice, equality, concern for others and redress of injustices are very close to your heart. <br><br>The story told about the escaped prisoner Jean Valjean. Tormented and hunted down by a man who hates him. He becomes mayor and falls in love with a rainbow woman against the background of the student revolutions in France. This story will touch and captivate you. It is one of the most successful musicals on stage based on one of the most influential and famous novels of all time.
Mamma Mia
Get ready for a heavnely romantic adventure - because the next musical you should see is "Mamma Mia!". This wonderful and rhythmic classic - which tells the story of a family preparing for a wedding on a small Greek island while discovering a host of romantic secrets from the past - is based on the beloved work of the legendary Swedish band ABBA and its most famous songs, such as 'Mamma Mia' (of course), 'The winner Takes it all'. 'SOS' and many more. <br><br>This wonderful musical fits like a glove to hopeless romantic characters like you, who seek to see great love stories from life hear on stage and also to release some tension through carefree laughs. Since the premiere of this musical on the stages in the West End and on the Broadway in 1999, it has been watched by more than 54 million people.
Get ready for a night of corruption and wild pleasures, because the next musical you should see is "Chicago." This fantastically wry and clever satire about justice, corruption and criminals is one of the oldest American musicals still staged on Broadway stages and will probably be topical forever. <br><br>These themes are perfect for you as your results seem to indicate you have an interest in justice and corruption, but also a strong sense of morality. If you are not lucky enough to watch the stage adaptation of "Chicago" you can also watch a film based on it in 2002 and even won the Oscar for best film, starring Renée Zellweger, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Richard Gere.
Fiddler on the Roof
Get ready to laugh, cry and think because you're headed to see 'Fiddler on the Roof'! Fiddler on the Roof is a funny yet dramatic musical about a Jewish man who wishes to marry his five daughters off. The play focuses on the ideas of tradition and when to break from tradition in order to make the people you love actually happy. This musical is great for you because you are not only intelligent and ready for a laugh but you also have an interest in these themes of progress vs. tradition and the love of a parent and their children. <br><br> If you can't catch the play, watch the 1971 movie, it's terrific!
West-side Story
Prepare to have an evening of drama, excitement and tears, because you're headed to seeing the classic 'West Side Story'. This play is the story of two rival gangs in New York, and the love story of two people belonging to those rival gangs. <br><br>According to your answers this play's themes will hold interest for you. In one essence, it is the romantic, retold story of Romeo and Juliet, but is has more themes, such as racism, immigration, class, family and honor. All these and more are delivered with marvelous song and dance.
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