Which Future Do You Want?

The future is coming, there's no stopping it. But while we used to think we knew what it would look like, recent years have been throwing us for a loop, and nothing seems certain anymore. What kind of future do you hope for? Answer this personality test and find out...
Choose the value you hold most high
What would you like to see happen this year?
A miracle
More laws against economic inequality
More laws against immigration
Huge scientific breakthrough that changes life as we know it
The internet crashing all at once forcing people to log off
What worries you about the coming decades?
The rise of anti-intellectualism
The rise of fascism
Worsening environmental conditions
A lack of opportunity for the next generation
A complete addiction to technology
The growth of atheism
Who would you like to have dinner with?
Leonardo da Vinci
Jesus Christ / Muhammad / Abraham
Karl Marx
Elon Musk
Choose an image that brings you joy
What would it take for all the countries of the world to unite?
A miracle or a combined act of faith
Removing corrupt politicians and eliminating armies
They will never do so, no matter what
By returning to simpler times and so making the needs more common
Technology becomes so powerful it unites them whether they want to or not
What do you think can save the world from where it's heading?
The world doesn't need saving
Only a genius stroke of technological innovation
Only divine intervention
Only with the liberation of the masses
Only by scaling back technological over-innovation
What do you imagine your kids or grandkids doing in the future?
I hope they will find peace in the grace of God
I hope they will learn not to rely on technology for everything
I hope they will enjoy future technology and use it to their benefit
I hope they will not have to fear poverty
I hope they will be the same as they are now
Who would you choose to run the world?
No one, that's too much power
The smartest scientist in the world
The richest man in the world
An anti-capitalist and anti nationalist
A person of deep faith and conviction
What would you like to see eliminated from the world in the next few decades?
The technology of the last 3 decades
None of these
The Return of Faith
In the next few decades, the world you'd like to see is one where faith gets a powerful renewal, as more people return to their religions and faith, the number of atheists is severely decreased, and more pro-religious laws are passed to protect religious freedoms. <br><br> The world becomes more faithful and the 10 commandments become more important than ever. Social progressive parties fall in the votes and more God-fearing parties rise to power. Abortion is outlawed and more religious education is allowed in schools. <br><br> People being to involve more pray in their life, and many subscribe to the laws of austerity and humility, as religious figures become more powerful than heads of state, and make sure their believers are protected.
An Egalitarian World
The world you'd like to see is one that becomes very focused on decreasing the amount of economic, racial and sexual inequality in the world, between individuals, social economic statues and even between countries. <br><br> Most countries unite with those around them to create unions of countries. Employees get shares in the profits of their companies. Larger taxes are levied on the richest people in society, and after a few years, a universal income is introduced. As a result, most of the population is now middle class, with some living on their universal income and others working for additional income so they can have more purchasing power. <br><br> As time progresses, the difference between the rich and the poor gets narrower, and the economy becomes more capitalistic and more egalitarian. Universities become free, but the vast amounts of candidates mean entry is by lottery, so many new universities are created. <br><br> Leisure products do not come out as much, because there is less motivation to create new products, but there is a steady growth in science and technology, especially those that are used for the common good.
Same World as Today
The world you want to live in is... much like today! Yes, you don't really have that big a problem with today's world. You're doing just fine and you think people don't appreciate what we already have. Why should we change things, what's the rush to create a world that may be much worse than this one? In your eyes, if the world looked the same in 10 years you'll be just fine with it. If it ain't broke - don't fix it!
A Chaotic Sci Fi World
The world you want to live in is a world where technology and science have leaped forward in a way only science fiction writers have hereto thought of. The leap is so big that life as we know it becomes a completely new things. People stop aging and dying from diseases as genetic manipulation and nanotechnology allows us to fix cellular damage. <br><br> Limits are lifted off scientists and experimentation becomes the utmost goal. Every day, crazier and more magical-looking technology is offered up, faster than one can follow. Money becomes obsolete and so does most of the social structure, as technology increases the individual need for wish fulfillment. <br><br> This is where you will be at your best. You want to try all the technologies, to live as long as you want, to tour the universe and discover its secrets.
A Return to Basics
The world you want to see rise is the return of the old ways of things. We have gone too far in our greed and hunger for newer innovations and faster and stronger and more powerful gadgets. From the computer to the smartphone, people have become more and more addicted to technology and more like strangers to each other. <br><br> The world you will live in goes through a cultural revolution that is counter to the current rise in technological addiction. People throw away their smartphones, log off the internet and start living under more simple conditions, retreating to the technology of the 1990s, 1980s or before, as long as its before the digital revolution. A return to a more simple lifestyle, without all the problems and greed and commercialism of the current era.
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