Which Beatles Member Are You Like?

Even today, the Beatles are considered perhaps the most influential musical group of all time, and there are a number of reasons for that. They have used many different musical styles and each band member was very different from the other. Which of these 4 personalities are YOU most alike? Take our test...
Pick a country you'd like to travel through in a vehicle...
United States
Which of these musical genres do you like the most?
Classical music
Folk music
World music
Rock music
Do you tend to argue with other people?
Yes, not because I like it but because most people are wrong
I have strong opinions that may get me into an argument at times
I don't tend to argue much - life is too short
I hate arguing so much I tend not to take a strong position on things
In your most difficult moments, who do you turn to for help?
My family
My partner
I prefer to remain alone
My friends
How would your friends describe you?
What is the perfect attire for a special event?
Something new and cool I've never worn before
Something simple - I don't really care that much
Something classic like a nice suit or dress
Something colorful and fun that'll make everyone smile
What is your greatest fear?
Not being loved
Being forgotten
Being boring
What is your familial situation?
It's complicated
What do you do when you hear about something terrible that has happened in your country?
I don't really care about it
I may write something about it on social media
I will seek spiritual guidance or relief
I will try to offer positivity to the people around me
If you wrote songs - what would you write the most about?
War / Politics
Painful personal experiences
Fun and happy things
Do you like being the center of attention?
I have a lot of energy and I like to have people's attention
My thoughts and feelings merit a lot of attention
I prefer to keep my privacy
I like attention from the people around me but I'm not looking to be the center of attention
What is most important to you in a spouse?
External Beauty
Creativity and being different
Honesty and openness
A sense of humor and a lust for life
Choose the role you'd most like to play in a band?
Lead Guitar
You are a part of a group assigned a task. What happens after a while?
I would probably take control and guide others on what to do
I'll help as much as I can, I like being a member of a team
I'll probably do some things that are not part of the effort but will contribute later on
I'll sit and wait to be handed an assignment
What motivates you to succeed the most?
A passion for creation
Paul McCartney
Like Paul, you are a very talented and charismatic person who takes everything they do very seriously because you believe that if you do something, it should be done right. That said, you don't let your inner seriousness stop you from having fun and a good sense of humor. You strive for power and control, and you prefer to rely on yourself instead of others for your future. The only danger is that sometimes striving can hurt those around you, and so you should pay attention to that and avoid harming people on the way up.
John Lennon
You are a very honest person and a bit of a rebel against authority, much like John. You have a leader's qualities, and you certainly know how to lead, but you don't strive for that position. You will do anything to better yourself, and your heart is very big. The spiritual aspect of life is very important to you, and you don't hold back from expressing your opinion. You find it hard to accept criticism at times, but you still make up for it with cartloads of love.
George Harrison
Like George, you are a quiet person who prefers not to call attention to themselves and seeks harmony and peace with everyone around them. You avoid confrontations, arguments and fights. People find you incredibly easy to get along with as well as someone worth listening to, because when you do talk, it's usually a well-formed thought. Although you are quiet, you will still be sincere when asked for your opinion, but you will never push it on anyone.
Ringo Starr
Much like Ringo, you are a source of fun and laughter for most people in your life. You love injecting life and fun into situations, and you enjoy the attention that gets you - although you'd do it anyway. You don't ask for the attention; it just comes naturally to you because you're just a life-loving person. You're also a very loyal person and find it hard to take a position when two or more people you care about are arguing. Your neutrality is not always a good thing, and it's important that you state your real opinions when you have them...
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