What Would YOU Do in the Army?

The army is a huge organization in most countries, not to mention the USA. It has thousands of roles, from fighters to logistics experts. In this personality test we ask the question: What role would you perform in the military?
What station appeals to you?
Base Camp
What do you have most experience in?
Boating Languages
Physical Stamina
Choose a hat:
What would you work with?
What word appeals to you most?
What is your strong suit?
Physical Fitness
What kind of education do you have?
Bachelor's Degree
College Diploma
High School Diploma
What is your dream career?
What image appeals the most to you?
Choose some shoes:
You would be a...Coast-guard!
You find your kicks in the ocean. The military needs coast guards to track ships coming and going from the port. You have a keen eye, high awareness and the patience this role requires. This is also partly a rescue unit which saves a lot of people stuck at sea, and that will provide you with some great satisfaction.
You would be an...Army Intelligence!
You would be perfect as an army linguist, who analyses foreign reports and get out the right information so that early warning of enemy or terrorist movement is provided. Your role facilitates the communication between the army and people from foreign countries, as well. You have a handle on languages and a sharp mind!
You would be a...Paratrooper!
Does falling from the sky sound good to you? You would be a paratrooper and would train in sky diving and parachuting. It seems like you have what it takes. You're a person who prefers doing things to not doing things. That, and a large amount of confidence, courage and self-sacrifice, make paratroopers among the most elite fighting forces in the world.
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