What Type of Driver Are You?

Almost all of us need to drive from time to time, no matter if we like it or not. There are many types of drivers on the road, some we watch out for, some we can trust, and some that are just bad at driving. What kind of driver are you? Take our test and we'll tell you!
It's Monday morning, you are on your way to work, listening to soothing music or your favorite radio show. Suddenly you notice that before the interchange where you get off the highway there is a big traffic jam. How will you act?
I will proceed calmly towards the traffic jam, maybe until I get there it will be a bit shortened already
I will continue to drive as usual and allow those who want to fit in
I hate traffic jams. I will turn off the radio and try to find an alternative route
I need to turn and the traffic jam continues straight, so I will turn on distress lights and drive on the side of the road.
You are driving on a highway when you suddenly notice, through the rearview mirror, a vehicle speeding quickly towards you. What will you do?
They'll probably pass me, so nothing for me to do.
I may be going too slow, so I'll indicate and change lanes.
These drivers might be dangerous, I'll move to the next lane.
I'll drive faster.
When younger, what used to be your dream job?
Police Officer
Business Man / Business Woman
מבחן סוג נהג: שלט מהירות בכביש
You pass this sign, how will you act?
Continue driving on 55
Go about the speed limit and a bit more
Will continue on precisely this speed
Drive 10-20 over the speed limit, I won't get caught for that
You waited a long time in a traffic jam and suddenly a driver who emerged from the lane next to you signals that he wants to join. How will you act?
I'm not in a rush, they can go in.
Put in reverse and give them some room.
I'll wait in place and watch his vehicle for getting too close to mine.
Move forward and close the gap.
David Emrich
You get in the car for a long drive. You have 3 long hours of driving ahead of you. What are the first things you do?
Start the car, sip from my coffee, adjust the A/C.
Check signals and lights work and put on a driving app so I can warn other drivers on the road
Check oil, water and air in the tires.
Start the car and go. The faster I go the sooner I'm there.
Pick a vehicle for yourself.
מבחן סוג נהג: רמזור אדום
You stopped at a red light and suddenly realized you should have been on the next lane over. How will you act?
If possible, I will make a U-turn and head back to the junction, this time in the right lane.
I will open the window and signal to the driver in the next lane to please allow me to get in.
I'll continue on my way until I find a safe place to turn.
I'll cling to the car next to me and try to get in quickly as soon as there is a gap.
Choose an animal:
Pedro Lastra
James Wainscoat
Pauline Bernfeld
Which of these color do you like the most?
Melody Joy Kramer
You see a car standing on the roadside in the middle of nowhere. What will you do?
Continue. They probably just stopped for a personal reason.
Stop to check if anyone needs assistance.
Move lanes to reduce danger.
I'm not stopping for anyone.
Pick a sport you enjoy (or believe you would):
Soccer (Football)
American Football
None of these
Not in a Hurry
According to your answers, you like your peace and quiet much more than you like reaching your destination on time, even at the cost of driving slowly on the right lane. This means that you are a calm person who enjoys the road, and avoids risk. While this is laudable, make sure you don't get in the way of people who are still driving under the speed limit, and be considerate and change lanes when they ask you to. Not everyone has your relaxed driving style, even though our roads would be much safer if that was the case.
A Considerate Driver
You are the best kind of person on the road. You allow other drivers to fit in front of you, move to the side when you feel you are blocking traffic, and you even signal to people to warn them that they forgot to turn on lights - just as a gesture of goodwill. If you use an app like Waze or some such, you probably post warnings about road hazards. <br><br> This indicates to you that you are a considerate and altruistic person, who is more interested in everyone getting home alive and well than how quickly you yourself can get to your destination. How we wish every driver was like you!
A Cautious Driver
Your eyes are always working, your mind is always thinking, and you are always on guard, ready to face the worst. You stay away from dangers like fire, prefer to drive on straight and not winding roads, and plan ahead for driving in the best conditions. These features make driving with you safe, predictable and relaxing. <br><br> However, pay attention! The great caution you take can sometimes exhaust you on long journeys - so do not forget to take an occasional refreshment break. In addition, this style may make you leery of being a passenger, as you may not trust other people's driving. This can make life more difficult at times.
An Unbounded Driver
According to your answers you do not have time to waste on the road and you do not have much patience for things that delay your arrival at your destination. You get around without fear, drive fast, and sometimes allow yourself to bend the law as well. You pride yourself on your skills and feel as if you have total control. <br><br> However you must pay attention. Time is important to all of us, but life is more. Although you are probably a very good driver, it is important to obey the traffic laws and drive carefully because not everyone may have as much control as you, while you may be able to control the speed, another may make a wrong decision at the wrong time and there will be no time left to avoid a crash.
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