What Kind of Real-Life Hero Would You Be?

There are movie heroes, there are superheroes, and there are REAL heroes. The unsung heroes of our society don't often make it to the headlines you usually see, but they make our world a little bit better. What kind of real world hero are you most suited to be? Find out by answering this quiz!
What kind of loyalty is most important to you?
Loyalty to my country
Loyalty to my fellow men
Loyalty to all living things
Loyalty to those taken advantage of
What kind of world would you most like to leave your children?
A world without war
A world where all people have homes
A world where all living creatures are treated with respect
A world where nationalities don't exist anymore
How much does physical danger scare you?
A lot, I'm really scared of getting hurt
Probably as much as the next person
It doesn't really worry me
It makes me feel excited
What would you say is a positive quality you have in spades?
Organizational skills
How important is being a patriot in your eyes?
Incredibly important
Somewhat important
I think it stops us from helping people around the world
It's not really something I'm concerned with
If there's an emergency, how do you think you'd react?
Quickly and with confidence
Tirelessly and do whatever told to be done
I'd probably get very emotional, but it wouldn't stop me from helping
I'm not good at emergencies, but I'll get help immediately
What do you think is the biggest problem in the world today?
Terrorism and weapons of mass destruction
Political division
Destruction of nature
How well do you like working with groups of people?
I prefer it
As long as they are good people, we have fun
If needed, but not with too many
It really depends on what we are doing together
You are walking down the street when you see a large, dirty homeless person with a small dog walk past you. What is your first thought?
"Poor man. Wonder how he got to this."
"Glad he has a loyal companion at least."
"Careful, he may be dangerous."
"This is an unfair world."
How do you feel about the quick progression of technology?
I hope we don't forget to stay physical, but it has great advantages
I think humans are irresponsible with it
I think it makes us more and more distant from each other
I think it should be made more freely available for everyone in the world
Who is the bigger hero in your eyes?
A person who saves a woman from a male attacker by jumping on the attacker
A person who sees a man mistreating a horse and buys the horse from them
A person who sees a poor old man and takes him for a good dinner and gives him a place to sleep
A person who will travel a great distance to help a group of people
Volunteer in a Third World Country
You may be suited for one of the hardest types of real-life heroes, and that are those rare people who put a stop to everything in their lives to join other teams of people organized by charity organizations to go to third world, impoverished countries and help populations at risk from war, disease or a simple lack of food and clean water. <br><br> This makes you a person of courage, with some organizational skills and the kind of courage that can make you go on a journey to dangerous places, ravished by the worst the world has to offer, and though you will be working with other volunteers, you will be exposed to danger, and will need a great lot of compassion, toughness and energy. But the change you would make in these people's lives will be nothing short of extraordinary.
Animal Rescuer
According to you answers, you would be suited to be a hero to the animal world. There are countless dogs and cats alone that are in dire need of help, not to mention other animals in endangered areas. Your heart bleeds for them every time you see a forlorn animal. You feel like animals deserve more than they get from us humans, and need more people to care about them as much as they do (or close to) about people. You are an emotional person with a huge heart and a love for all things in nature. You would be greatly suited to go out and makes the lives of animals better every day.
Run a Soup Kitchen
It hurts you to see the effects of poverty on your fellow human beings. The world is full of people hungry, desolate and alone. When you see homeless people, you wish you could help them all, maybe even feel a bit of 'survivor's guilt' that you are alright and they are not. <br><br> You wish the world was a more fair place to poor people, and your big heart and feelings of sympathy towards those humans who have lost their homes and their quality of life make you well suited to work or even run a soup kitchen, where you can make a little difference in a lot of poor people's lives, making their lives a bit better.
Fight For Your Country
By your answers, you have a great love for your country, and you are willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to defend it. You fear little from physical danger, and it may even excite you to be able to use your body in a physical way and actually defend what's important to you. <br><br> You are self-assured and great in emergencies, you think fast and you love working in teams with like-minded people who you can turn into good friends. You may feel like terrorism or foreign powers may be one of the worst dangers today, and wish to play your part in fending off these dangers.
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