What Kind of Planner Are You?

Planning is something we do all the time. It may be planning the next minute, the next hour, the next week, or the rest of your life! However, people are not all the same when it comes to planning. Some of us can't live without looking to the future and planning for it, while others don't really want to look too far ahead. What kind of planner are YOU?
At what age did you start planning your career path?
As far back as I remember
Around age 18
Around age 25
Around age 30
When you wake up in the morning, how far away have you planned?
I've planned for the day, I know exactly how it will go down
I've planned for the week, not much will surprise me until then
I've planned for the morning, the evening will bring its own challenges
I've planned to have my coffee, that's about it
What do you do when you need to find a restaurant for a dinner with friends?
I find whatever is close and catches my eye first
I spend a few hours comparing restaurants and checking out their menus
I spend half an hour looking at restaurants and then choose the nicest one
I already have someone ready in advance for just such an occasion
What do you consider the best age to start having children?
Around your early twenties, so you have time to have more kids
Around your late twenties, when you're still young enough to take care of them
Whenever you feel it's time, just don't wait too long!
Still not sure if I want children / Don't really want children
When you go shopping...
You already know exactly what you're going to buy
You have no idea what you're buying until you see what they have
You have an idea of what you want to buy, but are open to change
You've been planning this shopping trip for weeks, you know exactly what you'll buy and how much it will cost
Do you usually know what you want for your birthday?
Yes, and I make sure everyone else does, too
Yes, and I make sure I get it
No, whatever I get is great
I know exactly what I want each of my family members to get me
You and your family are going on a European trip. Who is the organizer?
I am, of course. I will have a detailed plan to visit all the landmarks as well as recommendations for restaurants, hotels and other fun stuff.
I am, because they know I will check everything out before we go and have an itinerary.
Anyone but me, as I'm not really good at planning trips
We all do it together and I try to be involved
If you won a million dollars today, what would you do?
I will put it in the bank in a savings account for me or my children
I will finally buy all the stuff I always planned on if I got rich
I will go on a spending spree the likes of which has rarely been seen
I will put some in the bank, buy some stuff I've been meaning to, and spend most of the money on a project (such as house remodeling) I've been planning for years
Which of these would you never be caught dead doing?
Go to the movies without an idea of what I want to see
Go out without knowing where I'm going
Practice for friendly speech at a special occasion
Doing my taxes months before they're due
When you were in school, how well did you fare with exams and papers?
I would do well, but only because I would sit the whole night before studying like crazy
I would be 100% ready for the test, having studied for weeks, and the paper will be ready before submission time
I would be pretty confident about the test, having spent many days preparing, and I've never missed a deadline
I would do badly or fail, because I kept postponing studying or writing the paper
What kind of movies do you enjoy most?
Comedies and parodies
Action and adrenaline-filled films
Slow burning psychological thrillers
Drama and documentaries
How much does your current situation match where you'd thought you'd be at this age?
It doesn't match at ALL. I'm shocked when I think of it
It matches almost perfectly
It matches in its broad strokes, not a lot of big surprises
It matched at first but at some point it went off a different path and here I am, quite surprised
Long-Term Planner
You find it much easier, and much more relaxing, to do your preparation in advance. That means that your trips are a known commodity before you go on them, you know exactly what you're going to buy, and you've been planning ahead for your retirement years in advance. You probably are a very good parent or grandparent, able to see problems coming a mile away and making plans to avoid them. You are always the one picked to create a schedule and plan the trips because everyone knows you love to plan ahead!
Short-Term Planner
You're not very fond of planning. Sure, like most people, you don't like to get caught unprepared, but when it comes to planning, you can only be bothered to plan for the day, or maybe a few days ahead at most. Your like trips to be spontaneous, with just enough planning and organizing ahead not to get caught without anything to do. You like to take a good tourism book and just plan each day as it comes along. Your career path and retirement are things you let happen naturally, since it's almost impossible to know what the days ahead will bring.
Who Needs a Plan?
You're not just spontaneous, you actively hate and dread a lot of planning. In your experience, planning never lasts meeting reality, and if things are going to be chaotic anyway, what's the use in planning so much? Indeed, you take life one day at a time, relaxing into routines and letting life surprise you when it wants. The best way to experience new things you never thought you would is to let life throw you surprises and reacting to those challenges. You rely on others to do the heavy planning for trips and careers, while you take it one day at a time.
Compulsive Planner
You are simply unable NOT to plan. You've been planning things since you were old enough to start having memories. You planned for your career, you planned to find the right spouse and this many children. You planned what to study and where you'd like to be. Your life, whenever under your control, went as planned. Of course, life doesn't work like that, and you've had to make adjustment after adjustment as you got older, since that is what happens to us all. That said, when things are in your control, everything is planned in advance, thought of, considered and weighed. You wouldn't have it any other way.
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