What Kind of Neighbor Are You?

Are you the kind of person that brings cookies to your new neighbors? Do you tend to take over everything? Are you an amateur cop or a neighborhood spy? The personality test below will let you know exactly what kind of person your neighbors think you are, based on your answers. Be warned though, your result might not be one you'd expect!
How well do you know your neighbors?
A little.
I have no interest in them at all.
Extremely well.
We say 'Hi' sometimes.
Do you help out in any of your neighborhood's organizations?
Yes, in an important position.
No, but I'm thinking about joining.
I would never dream of joining!
Yes, but I just participate.
Have you ever had any disagreements or fights, verbal or physical, with any of your neighbors?
A few.
Yes, I have been in fights with many of my neighbors.
Not really.
How long have you lived in your neighborhood?
I just moved here in the past year.
1 - 5 years.
Over 25 years.
10 - 25 years.
5 - 10 years.
Do you ever bake cookies/cakes or give welcome gifts to new neighbors?
Yes, every chance I get.
Yes, sometimes
Why would I want to?
Do you ever report your neighbors for having their bulk trash/recycling out at the wrong time, or for other violations like tall lawns/etc, loud music, etc?
I have, but only when it's really bad.
Absolutely! If you want to live here, you must follow the rules!
I would never do that!
No, I rarely do that.
Do you participate in neighborhood events like fund raisers, BBQs, holiday events, etc?
When I can, yes.
Not if I can help it. Those people are so annoying.
Yes, and usually I am planning it!
Do you have a neighborhood nemesis?
Absolutely not!
Yes, and he/she is a complete jerk!
Yes, but I don't know why they don't like me.
Have you remodeled your home drastically and/or done major exterior landscaping/renovations?
Not yet, but have plans to soon!
Yes, doing so right now!
I would never spend money on a house in this neighborhood!
What would you do if your neighbor was hosting a loud party?
Invite yourself over.
Call the cops.
Try and ignore them.
Confront them directly.
The Kind and Caring Neighbor
You're super kind and caring! You love to send notes and baked goods to new neighbors and you are all about doing the right thing by your neighbors. In your neighborhood, manners and decorum really matter to you, and you wouldn't dream of purposely being a nuisance to others. In fact, you often go out of your way to avoid any form of conflict. You're always ready to offer help if needed without ever really expecting anything in return. For many, you'd be the textbook definition of the ideal neighbor.
The Gentrifier
You are a gentrifier, so making your home and neighborhood as aesthetically-pleasing as possible is the name of the game here. You make sure that your home is top-notch, both from the inside and especially from the outside. You might have bought a house in a neighborhood that was less than you could afford, just so that you could remodel and have the house of your dreams, and you've definitely put a lot of time and effort into it. You either have or will have the most expensive home in the neighborhood when you're done, and you'll probably want to help have a neighborhood to match.
The Unifier
You are a unifier, and bringing people together is what you do best! By organizing events and public works, you help instill the community with a strong sense of togetherness, and are really appreciated for it. Many people like you because you help make the area a far better place to live, without really even costing them a cent. Whenever there's something uncomfortable going down in your neighborhood, people look to you to help come up with a solution in an amicable and responsible way. What would everyone do without you?
The Neighborhood Cop
You're the neighborhood cop, or at least you often like to think that you are. Although you might not always be the most popular person in the area, you make it your mission to let everyone know what the rules are, and to make sure that they follow them to the letter. The older generation usually really appreciates your efforts, while your younger neighbors may get aggravated quite often. Although you probably do it for the right reasons, you might want to lighten up occasionally, so that the one time your lawn grows an inch too long, you don't get slapped with a citation of your own!
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