What Kind of Bliss Do You Experience?

Bliss is a state many of us strive to achieve or maintain. But what IS bliss to you? What kind of bliss do you feel when it comes upon you? This personality test aims to answer that questions exactly. So answer our questions honestly and from the heart so we can tell you - what kind of bliss do you experience most?
Do you ever find yourself just doing something routine when suddenly you're hit with a wave of unexplained bliss?
Yes, usually when I'm walking or driving outside and I'm alone
Yes, usually when I'm with friends or loved ones
Yes, usually when I watch or read something that really gets to me
Yes to all these situations
Not really, no, or very rarely
Yes, when I feel the presence of forces greater than myself
Complete the sentence: "When I feel bliss, I start thinking about..."
How lucky I am to have what I have
How beautiful the world is
How small yet important I am in this giant creation
How glad I am to be who I am
Close your eyes and imagine for a moment you are feeling bliss, what time of day do you imagine?
High noon
Does feeling bliss makes you want to share that feeling?
No, I don't want anyone to ruin it, let me just enjoy it
Of course, the more people feel it with me the longer it lasts
The people around me usually feel bliss with me, but I'm happy to share it
I'm happy just to experience it, but it adds a little something to have a partner in bliss
Does music ever give you a sense of bliss? If so, what kind?
Not really, not like real life events do
Yes, nostalgic songs from my youth or childhood
Yes, especially songs of sweet sadness and renewal
Yes, joyful songs with energy and beat can make me feel blissful and happy
Yes, especially songs that are sung together, me included
As a child, what made you feel happiest?
A book or tv show that to me was magical
Being around my family or playing with friends
Getting candy or presents
Going on a trip somewhere I haven't been
Playing by myself outside
Pick the image that makes you feel most blissful
What do you feel after the feeling of bliss has gone?
A little sad but happy it happened
Sad because I desperately want to feel like that all the time
A feeling of calm and thankfulness
Thinking about someone who has been on my mind
If there is one person who can cause you bliss, who would you say it is?
Only I can give myself bliss
My partner, child or my best friend
A person I deeply respect or who represents something larger than me
My pet
Do you ever blissful dreams?
Yes, but I can never remember them, only the feeling
Yes, I'm usually doing something amazing or magical
Yes, when I experience some breakthrough in a dream
No, my dreams aren't that happy
Do you think everyone is capable of feeling true bliss?
Yes, if they open up their hearts and surrender to it
Yes, it's part of all of us, a connection to the world and to joy
Yes, all they need is a couple of fun days to make them joyful
Yes, if they care enough to look for it
No, some people just can't feel it
Natural Bliss
Those feelings of utter bliss come to you as a kiss from the natural world. It hugs you with its many-colored trees, forests, flowers, rivers and mountains. When you are in nature, you sometimes get a sense of bliss and connection you cannot get anywhere else. </br></br>You feel connected to this earth, to mother nature, and to all living beings. This is as part of you as breathing. This is natural bliss, the kind some of us feel when witnessing the beauty and majesty of our world. It helps us connect to others as living beings, sharing with them what we feel about the world, and going on trips with similarly-connected people can be one of life's greatest joys.
Internal Bliss
Your bliss is not external, meaning it does not always depend on outside factors to manufacture it, like events or where you are at the time. While these do have an effect on you, the core of your bliss is the core of YOU, meaning that the rich internal world you have built within yourself is a reason and cause for your feelings of bliss. </br></br>You are happy to be who you are, and your own company suffices many a time to make you feel blissful and happy. This does not mean you cannot find bliss with others, just that the most important factor in your bliss is you, and what thoughts are passing through your soul at the moment. You may find bliss in doing something only you like to do, or you may find bliss in a thought, dream or fantasy that you have carried with you through the years and gives you that sense of joy. Whatever it is, that feeling comes from the inside.
Social Bliss
Your bliss comes from external factors, that build and build and get to a crescendo of bliss. These external factors are primarily social in nature, and may involve a party, an outing, a trip or just being with the people you love. </br></br>You feel a powerful connection to the people in your life, and their happiness is paramount to yours. When they feel joy, you feel joy for them, and vice versa. The most blissful state is the one where you are surrounded with blissful people, all loving each other and enjoying each other's company. It's a terrific type of bliss because it's one you can schedule! Unlike some people, you can really plan a party and get to a state of joyful bliss from that plan. Not everyone has that ability!
Spiritual Bliss
Bliss, for you, is something stronger than mere joy, mere happiness. It comes from witnessing the awe and holy joy of a spiritual awareness. Whether it be the Christian God or some other faith, you are willing to open yourself and submit to a bigger power than yourself, and by doing so, you find a level of bliss you do not feel at any other time (excluding perhaps the birth of your children). </br></br>For you, the sky is not empty, but full of awe and majesty, and when you feel this power, this other-worldly (or real-worldly) presence, you are filled with a glowing bliss that burns away your doubts and fears, making you feel whole, safe and thankful.
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