What Coffee Should You Be Drinking?

We're sure you know what kind of coffee you already like to drink. Most chances are you order the same coffee whenever you enter a coffee shop. You may not have tried another kind of coffee in a very long time. However, are we still the same people we were? Is the same old coffee REALLY right for the kind of person we are inside? Discover what coffee you SHOULD be drinking by taking this insightful quiz.
מבחן קפה: כוס קפה בתוך פולי קפה
What kind of cup do you like to drink your coffee in?
מבחן קפה: קפה בכוס זכוכית
A Glass Cup
מבחן קפה: ספל קפה בשלג
A Ceramic Cup
מבחן קפה: כוס חד פעמית
A Disposable Cup
What kind of movies / shows would you like to watch while sipping on your coffee?
Stuff that has action and adrenaline
Stuff that is tense and thrilling
Stuff that makes me laugh (e.g. comedies)
Stuff that makes me think (e.g. documentaries)
Stuff that makes me feel romantic or tragic
מבחן קפה: אישה שותה קפה
When in the day do you like drinking your coffee the most?
Alone in the morning before doing anything else
Right after lunch
Any time is a good time for coffee
In the evening, after work
What is the most common reason you would enter a coffee shop?
To drink coffee, what else?
To meet friends or co-workers
Meeting people I need to talk to
Working in a young environment
Go on a date or spend a romantic evening with my partner
מבחן קפה: קפה לצד תבלינים
What is your idea of the perfect addition to coffee?
MORE coffee!
A spoonful of ice cream
Cinnamon or hot chocolate mix
מבחן קפה: קנקן וכוס קפה מפולי קפה
Coffee is to life like....
Fuel is to engines
Water is to flowers
Air is to balloons
Internet is to smartphones
All the answers are correct
מבחן קפה: קפה ועוגה
What do you like to eat with your coffee?
I don't
A cookie
A croissant
A piece of cake
מבחן קפה: שוקולד
Choose your favorite chocolate:
Dark Chocolate
White Chocolate
Milk Chocolate
מבחן קפה: כוסות קפה
What is the ideal size of coffee for you?
מבחן קפה: כוס קפה על שולחן מחשב
If you need to work from home, how does coffee help you?
Get up early, drink my coffee and get to work
Make a comfortable environment I can sip my coffee slowly in
I can't work from home, I'd go to a coffee shop to work
Plan coffee breaks in advance
Sleep during the day, drink lots of coffee and work at night
What health benefit of drinking coffee is the most important to you?
Energizes the body
Enhances ability during exercise
Helps weight loss
Reduces the risk of stroke
Enhances mood
How hot do you like your coffee to be?
Hotter than the fires of hell
Warm but not hot
מבחן קפה: אישה שותה קפה
What is the main reason you drink coffee?
As part of my rest
מבחן קפה: כפית סוכר מעל קפה
Do you add sugar to your coffee?
Yes, a bit
Yes, a lot
You Should Be Drinking Espresso / Black Coffee
You're a person of tradition, especially the ones you start yourself. You don't jump for every new trend. You know everything is temporary, just like the coffee you drink. You have the rare kind of patience that allows you to do your work and tasks without delay but without stress either. You can be a bit sullen at times, and it's hard for you to get used to change. Sometimes it's best to court change yourself, it'll be easier to accept that way and you can control how slow or fast it happens.
You Should Be Drinking Latte / Cappuccino
You're a person who likes comfort, and as such, you tend to avoid conflict and please other people. People who know you can probably read you like an open book, and just like you like to sweeten your coffee, so you like to enrich your life and the lives of all around you. People close to you get to discover your immensely generous nature and how much you'd sacrifice for others. Keep on being a good person to others, but don't forget your needs are just as important as anyone else's, and it's YOUR job to meet those needs, so take care of yourself first sometimes, there's no shame in it.
You Should Be Drinking Ice Coffee / Cold Coffee
You're a person who likes to experience new things, and you're not shy about it. In fact, when it comes to new trends, there's a better chance of you setting it than following it. You keep updated with the latest, and you know what's going on. You're spontaneous and creative, so you get along well with children. Like them, however, you can be rash and a little careless at times, not making the best choices for your health or looking for shortcuts in life. Sometimes it's better to research something first and force yourself to make a safer plan to get what you want.
You Should Be Drinking a More Specific Type
You're a person who likes to be in control. You may even be a little bit obsessive or a bit of a perfectionist. You're probably highly aware of yourself and your body and your health, and so you have various goals that are constantly changing in specificity but the overall goal is to search for the best ways to get the better hand - better health, better finances and better experiences, all within tight control. Try to lose it sometimes, like making unforeseen choices, it may lead you to places in life you never thought you'd get to.
You Should Be Drinking Moka / Instant Coffee
You're a person who likes to take on challenges. These challenges help define your path in life. The problem is that sometimes you take on so many things that some details get lost in the shuffle. You also tend to procrastinate at times, which makes it hard to make long-term plans and to take care of your health. It's important you learn the patience to make the decisions you already have the intellect to make just not the dedication yet. Talk to your future self for a moment, what would they want for you to do today?
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