How Much of a Risk Taker Are You?

There are many types of risk takers in our modern world. From those who plan before to those who just jump right in, from the rational to the adventurous, from the fearful to the fearless. All of these create different types of risk takers. Which type are YOU?
When you start performing an important new task, you...
Know I'll do it to the best of my abilities
Weigh the benefits and drawbacks and consult with other people
Rely on luck
Sure of my success and that I can handle any issue
Know I need the guidance of someone I trust and respect
Ready to take risks and trust myself to get out of trouble
Sure that what I will do will help a lot of people
In your work or career, you...
Do not experience much competition from others
Expect competition and work to avoid or minimize it
Compete with gusto
Won't reject any plan to succeed
Try to avoid competition
Attracted to competitions as they give me self motivation
Know only the strong will win
When you're driving your car, you....
Obey the rules and avoid dangerous situations
Usually obey and if not I do not argue with the police
Remain calm no matter what happens on the road, legal or not
Sometimes break the rules and hope I'm not caught
Usually obey rules and drive cautiously
Mostly break the rules and drive too fast
Try to obey the rules but allow myself to break them from time to time
What kind of people do you prefer to work with?
People I believe deserve my trust
People I know personally
People with strong abilities
Energetic and determined people
Committed and obedient people
Brave people who aren't afraid to take risks
People that believe in the same ideology as I do
If today duels were still allowed with people who have offended you, you would...
Avoid them if possible but take part if I am confronted
Avoid them at any price
Prefer to settle things in court
Say yes to the challenge but try to bury the hatchet before it happens
Prefer to solve fights like this instead of in a courtroom
Refuse to take part in such silly violence
Ignore any challenge to focus on my goals
How do you feel about gambling?
I don't gamble
I only gamble on very small sums
I sometimes gamble, but never for more than I can afford
I play high sums, even if it's beyond my financial ability
I usually don't gamble because I hate losing
When I gamble, I put in all the money I have
I don't gamble out of principle
When you follow your goals, you...
Never break the law
Never break the law, but look for loopholes
Sometimes break small rules without noticing
Sometimes break the law, as long as the risk of being caught is very low
I may break the law if I see others do it
I will probably break the law if I can avoid getting caught
I will do whatever is needed
When you decide something, you...
Usually hesitate a lot
Only decide after I weigh the chances of success
Base my decision on my gut feeling
Do it without doubting myself
Tend to procrastinate on the decision as long as possible
Decide impulsively and trust my luck
Believe in it wholeheartedly
How do you feel about waiting for an event with unknown results?
It worries me and I hope for the best
It causes me to re-evaluate my actions, especially if the results are bad
It makes me expect good results
It makes me cautious, but I still feel like I can handle anything
It makes me anxious, expecting the worst.
It excites and energizes me
It makes me move and doesn't scare me
How do you like to dress?
Simply, trying not to get too much attention
With elegant and humble clothes
With impressive but comfortable clothes
Only high-quality clothes
About the same as the people around me
Only loud and unique clothes
I don't think about fashion at all and just wear whatever is comfortable
Which of these occupies your thoughts the most?
My professional life
Wanting regular income and stability
Promoting myself as fast as possible at work
Success in all that I do
The way people see me
My self satisfaction
All of Humanity
מבחן סיכונים בחיים: מגדלי מטבעות
If you ever achieve the success you dream of...
I will stop taking risks and stick to what I have
I'll change nothing about my life
I will work to improve other people's lives
Prepared to take even more risks
Feel like I could have done even better if I had more luck
Sometimes I'll do extreme things just to see what happens
I'll be content and keep doing what I've been doing
מבחן סיכונים בחיים: אישה מורחת לק
In Your Day-to-Day, you...
Mostly want to be alone
Find it hard to be alone
Want to go somewhere far away
Feel like I need every day to be different
Feel like the people I meet every day annoy me
Find a noble cause to support
Obsessed with what feels most important to me
מבחן סיכונים בחיים: אישה מחזיקה שטרות
How do you prefer to invest your money?
Low risk, low interest and for the long-term
Go to a financial advisor and invest in something with small risk and small yield
Prefer to invest in something that will show a profit within 1-2 years
Prefer to become partner in companies instead of buying stock
Prefer to spend large sums on projects I believe in
Prefer to focus on lucrative enterprises
Prefer to invest in charities and non-profits
You're a careful and analytic person who thinks both logically and creatively. You tend to analyze situations without ignoring the possible positive and negative implications, but you put more emphasis on avoiding certain results than striving for others. Perhaps you are striving NOT to feel something or NOT to do something. You are probably shy and humble, but you have too much fear in you of losing other people's respect. By protecting yourself too much, you also prevent yourself from progressing. You must take risks if you want success.
Hard Worker
Your criteria for doing something is that it needs to be done. You don't need to think about it too much, and you don't shy away from the hard work required to give you and your family a better life. You aren't in it to make a fortune or become famous. You realize that big success is a rat race, and you don't feel too inclined to join in. If you are required to take a risk, you'll probably consider what others are doing into your final decision, as it is probably the safest course. Remember, sometimes it is the minority who has the answer, and the majority is just falling for a lie. Take a few more risks and walk your path.
You are excellent and clear about setting goals for yourself. You are also quite adept at separating and differentiating between what you want and what you NEED. Experience has taught you that you must learn from your mistakes to truly prepare for the future. So, before every decision, you will weigh all the variables, weigh the benefits and the risks, and create an equation for yourself that will show you whether the danger is worth the possible price and loss compared to the value of what you do. You try to be prepared for every eventuality, and you'll act accordingly. You have the courage to make tough decisions and stand by them when you have concluded they are the right ones.
You're an active and happy person with a short fuse. However, you quickly forget and forgive. You do not wish for a quiet and calm life, but you also don't like spending your life working all the time, even if it has benefits. It may be hard for you to pursue one career path for a very long time, and you are slightly impatient - you need things to happen here and now. You do best when diving into projects that require a constant flux of ideas and action tactics. When you fail, you take it hard, but you'll get up quick and move on to the next project. You base most of your decisions on facts, but you remain flexible and adapt to change quickly.
You are very sure of your own sense of what is right or wrong. Those who do not share your opinion annoy you. You tend to give others advice to prevent them from making mistakes, but dislike being advised yourself. You rarely have doubts about your actions, and you are consistent in almost everything you do - work, family, and even pleasure. Obedience to your rules is important to you, and you expect the same obedience from yourself to the law. However, you will rarely back down from a challenge to your way of life.
You have no idea why you often inspire other people; it just seems to happen. Well, we're here to tell you that it's probably because your mind works differently than other people's minds. You're a risk-taker and a goal-getter, and that inspires the people around you. Just be careful not to expect too much of others; they may not be as capable and may require your aid and patience. That is the most inspirational thing you can do.
You're not one to look for the easy life. It could very well be that people around you do not always support your life choices, which may put you on the defensive at times. You aren't afraid of dangerous situations, you actually like taking risks. Sometimes they are physical risks, like being a firefighter or a stunt double, and sometimes they are mental, like playing hardball business. When you face uncertainty, you will almost always go for the bigger risk, bigger reward option, because you trust yourself to find a solution to any problem that may pop up.
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