Do You Think Like a Rich Person?

It doesn't matter how much money you actually have, some people are just different in their attitude towards money and riches. Some high-income people still think like the low-income person they once were, while people with less means sometimes have a rich attitude towards life. Which are you? Take our test and find out...
Do you keep a budget?
I try but always ignore it after a few days
Which house would you rather live in?
How often do you end up lying to yourself?
Do you think money can buy happiness?
Yes, and those who disagree are liars
I'm not sure
Do you prefer cakes or cookies?
I like them both equally
Where would you rather meet your friends?
A coffee shop
A restaurant
At the mall
A club
My house
My friend's house
How much do care about what people think of you?
I always care about what people think.
I sometimes care about what people think.
I couldn't care less about what people think!
Which drink appeals to you the most?
Do you donate money to charity often?
Only when I can afford it
A few times a year
Sure, at every chance I get
If you could switch bodies with one of these people for a day, who would you pick?
Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump
Brad Pitt
Your next door neighbor
You Think Like a Low-Income Person
It doesn't matter how much money you actually have - deep inside, you approach life like a person who doesn't have much. You don't usually go on wild shopping sprees and spend all of your monthly budget in one day. Instead, you're a smart shopper, always looking for sales and comparing prices. You know how to invest your money wisely, and let the banks work for you. You are truly a badass when it comes to your finances and you should be proud of yourself.
You Think Like a Rich Person
It doesn't matter how much money you actually have - you think like a rich person! You are a very happy, friendly and spontaneous type. You love to go out with friends and family members, eat at the best restaurants and go shopping at least once a week. You don't like to plan ahead or think too much about how much you spend, or whether or not you should spend at all. You believe that life is hard enough as it is, and you should do whatever you can to make your journey on this planet better. Overall, you have a very positive approach to life, and you aim to enjoy every single moment!
You Think Like a Middle-Class Person
It doesn't matter how much money you actually have, you think like a middle-class working citizen! You like to live the good life, eat out, go on vacations and buy great clothes, but you always need to look at your budget first. You try to manage your money wisely, and you are doing pretty well overall. You occasionally go on a big spend-up that can be a little distressing for your bank account, but you manage to make it work. You live life the smart and calculated way!
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