Can We Recommend a Netflix Show?

Netflix is full of good and bad shows, and it can be tough to know what is worth watching. But how shall we recommend a show to you when we don't know what you like? That's what this quiz is for! We'd like you to answer honestly so that we may figure out which tv shows to recommend for you!
What is your most noticeable quality, according to your friends?
Choose the animal you most connect to.
Which of these things would you wish for yourself?
To have limitless knowledge
Be rich and famous
Find true love
Enjoy every day as it comes
Which of these super-powers would you choose for yourself?
The ability to avoid fighting with other people
The ability to always find good parking
The ability to give the best advice to others
The ability to dress any way I want and still look good
When, do you think, does an argument end?
When I win
When I'm done saying all I had to say
When both of us reach an agreement
When one of us apologizes
Choose the place you'd most want to be right now.
What would you do with an extra hour each morning?
Take long showers
Choose a snack to watch a movie with.
Toasted Sandwiches
Which of these music genres do you most prefer?
What is the best way to travel?
With an all-terrain vehicle
On foot
On a bicycle
In pajamas as we walk to the fridge and back
Choose your tv watching drink.
Freshly squeezed juice
Who do you usually watch shows with?
I prefer to watch by myself
The whole family
If you weren't watching a show, what would you be doing?
Learning something new
Hang out socially
Catch up on current events and gossip
What is the best way to get rich, in your opinion?
Having real-estate
Investing wisely
Winning the lottery
Action and Thrillers
According to your answers, you're a person who likes excitement - whether it is action-packed or just raises your heartbeat out of pure tension, you're looking for those exciting shows. We have just the ticket for you. We recommend the following shows: <br> <ul> <li>Peaky Blinders</li> <li>The I-Land</li> <li>The Punisher</li> <li>Raising Dion</li> <li>Fauda</li> </ul>
History and Science Fiction
According to your answers, you seem like a person who is bored of current reality. You watch to get away from this world! And so, shows of the past and the future fit you much better. You will probably enjoy such shows as:<br> <ul> <li>The Crown</li> <li>Outlander</li> <li>Alias Grace</li> <li>Black Mirror</li> <li>Sense8</li> </ul>
You love to laugh. When you watch a show, it's because you want to (to quote Cheers) forget about life for awhile. That's why comedies are just the ticket for you, and Netflix has quite a few you will enjoy:<br> <ul> <li>Space Force</li> <li>The Good Place</li> <li>Grace and Frankie</li> <li>Glow</li> <li>Russian Doll</li> </ul>
For you a tv show is like a good book - you want it to leave an impression on you. You want it to make you feel and care about the characters. Those shows are best in the drama category, especially when based on true stories. We think you'll love these shows:<br> <ul> <li>Ozark</li> <li>Unbelievable</li> <li>You</li> <li>Dark</li> <li>Bloodline</li> </ul>
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