Can We Guess Your Age?

With age, a lot of things change - especially physically. We all know our sight isn't as good as it was in our youth, however color vision also goes through changes along our life span, as we lose sensitivity to certain tones and variations. Can we guess your age according to these results, or do you see colors like a younger person does?
What's the BRIGHTEST color in this picture?
How about this picture?
Is this picture black and white?
How about this one?
What color is this jacket?
What about this famous dress?
And finally...
Your Age: 18
Impressive! You see colors as an 18 year old. Your eyes see detail with extraordinary clarity and precision! Getting this result is a big indicator of a healthy vision and an active mind!
Your Age: 42
Your brain is able to analyze colors very quickly, resulting in an edge over most of the population. You can analyze different shades and contrasts even when the colors prove to be tricky ones.
Your Age: 25
Your colors perception is extremely detailed. When you look at a certain picture, place, or object, you don't get lost in the overall vision. Instead, you start with examining all the small details. You look at the blind spots, the color shades, and the movement of the objects. That helps you focus on the overall situation, in order to plan your actions accordingly.
Your Age: 34
Your eyes are fully capable of seeing colors and patterns with precision! Don't take this sort of wonderful cognitive ability for granted! The more patterns our eyes see, the healthier the mind is!
Your Age: 62
Nicely done! Your eyes see details with clarity and precision. Not only that you see most of the colors and can easily distinct between different shades - your brain can instantly detect when someone tries to confuse you with optical illusion games. Good for you!
Your Age: 87
You are drawn to things that speak to you on a much deeper level, rather than just focusing on the biggest, most colorful object in your immediate environment. For something to get your full attention, it needs to approach you on a much deeper level. Your emotions need to speak with your eyes and your environment. Without an emotional connection, you might as well be looking at a blank space.
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