Are You a Friend to Yourself?

Some of us know how to handle social situations. Some of us do better on our own. But a question to ask ourselves is: Am I a good friend to myself, or am I my own worst enemy? Take this personality test to find it out for yourself!
Complete the sentence: 'When I am alone for long periods of time, I get...
After a social occasion, how do you usually feel about yourself?
It changes from time to time
I feel good and that I was liked
I feel super good about myself
I feel like I was awkward and unlikeable
What kind of dreams do you have (or remember) most of?
Happy fantasies
Stressful dreams
Depends on what's going on with my life, I have all sorts
Exciting adventures
Have you ever self-sabotaged something you thought you cared about?
No, never
Yes, once or twice
Yes, it's a tendency of mine
Yes, but there was a good reason behind it
Do you enjoy sweet foods and snacks?
Yes, it gives me happy feelings
Sometimes, unless it makes me feel guilty
I do but I don't allow myself most of the time to keep myself healthy
I both enjoy them and suffer guilt at the same time
No, I don't enjoy snacking
Hypothetical: You find out someone cloned you with all your memories. What emotion would you feel first?
Confusion of emotion
How often do you feel you stand up for yourself?
I always stand up for myself
Sometimes I do, sometimes I can't seem to find the energy
More often than not
How insecure are you with your current or past partner?
Very. They have to reassure me all the time.
I'm the secure one.
We cover for each other's insecurities
It changes from partner to partner, depending on their personality
Do you have personal projects you alone work on?
I did, but I don't anymore. I prefer to work with others.
Not really. I usually join other people's projects.
Sure, I have too many to ever accomplish all of them.
I have quite a few, and enjoy them from time to time.
Do you feel thankful about what you have in life?
Yes, I never thought I'd be this luckly.
I waver between thankful and regretful.
I'm so proud of what I have achieved for myself.
I'm more regretful than thankful.
Are there parts of yourself you keep hidden from others?
Yes, because I don't want them to judge me
Yes, because I don't want to think about them at all
No, I'm an open book.
Yes, because I enjoy having them to myself
A Love-Hate Relationship
You have a love-hate relationship with yourself. One that is chaotic and perhaps unstable or tending to shifts. You've known depression, you've probably known self-hatred and self-loathing, yet you've found the strength to rise above it and learn to love yourself as well. <br><br>Many of us are constantly feeling negative emotions coming from ourselves AGAINST ourselves, and learning to fight those voices is a very difficult but rewarding process. You seem to have these negative urges but you fight them and often feel good about yourself in the process. Continue working on that and remember that the world is tough enough, so give yourself lots of breaks.
You Are Good Friends With Yourself
You and yourself are good buddies. You can definitely hang out with yourself alone without getting too antsy. <br><br>You don't punish yourself for things you feel are beyond your control, and you know how to give yourself a break. You stand up for yourself most of the time and you keep yourself busy with some personal projects that let you express the interests that make you you. Of course, when too much time passes alone, you do eventually get lonely and wish you had company. You treat yourself with the same respect and understanding you give your actual friends, and that has returned to you in the form of self confidence.
You Are Your Own Soul Mate
You are your own best friend, and despite perhaps having good friends in real life, you feel no one is even close to really understanding who you are underneath it all. The only one who truly gets you is you, and you can spend a lot of time alone enjoying yourself and indulging in the things that make you happy. <br><br> No matter how much you demand from yourself, you feel that you have full support from yourself when you make decisions. You rarely regret those decisions you've made in life and even when you do make an obvious mistake, you deal with it and move on emotionally, not one to torture yourself over it. You have lots of interests you don't share with others and you pursue them at your leisure.
You Don't Get Along With Yourself
If you had a clone, you'd probably be enemies. You do not get along with yourself. You are probably very critical with your own decisions, mistrusting your judgment and full of caution from repeating past mistakes. You feel secure when being with other people, and being alone makes you feel scared and insecure. <br><br> You have personal interests but you try to combine them with other people's presence as often as you can, because you always prefer to be in company. There are memories you hate thinking about, but they crop up often, and make you mad at your own brain for keep reminding you of them. <br><br> The world is tough enough, our advice: Don't compromise on yourself. Spend some time alone doing some things you truly love, and learn to be your own friend. Give yourself some breaks, you're doing the best you can.
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