How Much Do You Know About Ancient Egypt?

Ancient Egypt was one of the most powerful kingdoms of the Ancient world, with their own culture, language, religion and calendar. Even today we recall the epic power that was Ancient Egypt. How much do you know of this legendary realm and culture?
Who is the Egyptian god of the afterlife, who has the head of a jackal?
What was the title of the ruler of Ancient Egypt?
Why did the ancient Egyptians make mummies?
To honor the dead
Because they thought the dead could be revived later
To remember their ancestors
To preserve their bodies so they can make use of them in the afterlife
What is the name of the Egyptian god of the sky, depicted usually as a man with the head of a hawk?
What will you find on the inside of a mummy's coffin?
Flower petals and dead cats
Bandages soaked in honey
Sawdust, leaves and linen
Salt and sugar
How many pyramids are in Egypt?
True or False: The famous Cleopatra was not even an Egyptian.
What are hieroglyphs?
Letters/words in picture writing
Egyptian food
Egyptian mythology
Egyptian medicine
Which image depicts the Great Sphinx of Giza?
What did the ancient Egyptians keep in canopic jars?
Gold and Silver
Preserved organs of mummies
Which is the biggest pyramid in Egypt?
Pyramid of Khafre
Pyramid of Khufu (Giza)
Pyramid of Neferefre
Pyramid of Menkaure
What was the primary function of pyramids?
Tombs for the pharaohs and their queens
Temples to honor Egyptian gods
High landmark for scouting
Scenic landmarks to enhance the landscape
True or False: Cleopatra VII was the last queen and pharaoh of Egypt.
How old was King Tut when he became Pharaoh?
What event marks the end of Ancient Egypt?
The death of Cleopatra
The war with Carthage
The death of Anubis
The death of King Tut
Sorry, You Didn't Pass
Ancient Egypt is dead and gone, but we still feel the echos of this great power in the world. You can't be expected to know much about this old culture, but it may do you some good to learn more about it. Not only is it a fascinating read, but there is still some things we can learn from the ancient Egyptians.
A Young Egyptian
You have made some correct choices and answered some questions correctly. However, you missed most of them, which may mean you are not an ancient Egypt expert, and so it's pretty neat you knew as much as you did! Why not have a look at our answers to learn more?
The Pharaoh
You know a lot about Ancient Egypt! How wonderful to find such an education. If you guessed, you're a really good guesser! This ancient kingdom still has much to teach us, and so we're happy to discover some people, such as yourself, still remember quite a bit about it. We hope you have taught your own children (or will teach) about this fascinating culture Also, have a look at our answers to learn from the questions you did get wrong.
The god's Eye
You have ACED this test! Wow good for you! How wonderful for us to discover such educated quiz takers among our visitors. We're excited to have you here! Obviously you know a lot about Ancient Egypt, either from learning about the subject or having a wonderfully intellectual curiosity. Congratulations!
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