Can You Beat This Tough Punctuation Test?

This punctuation quiz isn't easy, it'll throw 10 sentences at you that are either wrong or don't need any further punctuation. In each one, you need to decide how the sentence SHOULD be written according to the laws of punctuation. Think you have the knowledge? Prove it!
Coach Smith who took her team to the Final Four last year might take a job with Notre Dame
Coach Smith who took her team to the Final Four last year, might
Coach Smith, who took her team to the Final Four last year might
Coach Smith, who took her team to the Final Four last year, might
No punctuation
The UConn women's basketball program is among the nation's best however they play in one of the weaker conferences.
best; however, they
best, however, they
best, however; they
No punctuation
Lisa wasn't worried at all about the exam because she had prepared so well over the break.
exam because, she
exam because; she
exam, because she
No Punctuation
After Sam won the spelling bee in 2018 the teacher found recruiting much easier.
in 2018, the teacher
in 2018...the teacher
in 2018; the teacher
No Punctuation
The best classic cinemas are in Atlanta Georgia Boston Massachusetts and Phoenix Arizona.
In Atlanta, Georgia, Boston, Massachesetts, and Phoenix, Arizona
In Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachesetts; and Phoenix, Arizona.
In Atlanta, Georgia; Boston, Massachesetts and Phoenix, Arizona.
No Punctuation
Michael earned three A's last semester but his one downfall was Advanced Algebra.
semester but, his
semester, but his
semester, but, his
No Punctuation
He told his customers what they wanted to hear that he would stand behind his product.
what they wanted to hear, that he
what they wanted to hear: that he
what they wanted to hear; that he
No Punctuation
Her favorite television programs are Homeland, the Simpsons and Gray's Anatomy.
Are Homeland, the Simpsons, and Grey's Anatomy.
Are: Homeland the Simpsons and Grey's Anatomy.
Are; Homeland the Simpsons, and Grey's Anatomy.
No Punctuation
"My Old Kentucky Home a tune by Stephen Foster, is Kentucky's state song.
home" a tune
home", a tune
home," a tune
No Punctuation
Community colleges which didn't exist prior to the 1950s have proved very popular in the U.S.
colleges, which didn't exist, prior to the 1950s, have
colleges, which didn't exist prior to the 1950s, have
colleges, which didn't exist, prior to the 1950s have
No Punctuation
You Need to Work On Your Punctuation!
Your quiz results indicate that you are at the beginning of your journey to mastering English punctuation. While you may find this disheartening, remember that every expert was once a beginner. This is an excellent opportunity to immerse yourself in the English language, focusing on how punctuation shapes meaning and structure in sentences. Reading books, especially those well-edited for grammar and style, can be incredibly beneficial. Pay close attention to punctuation marks and their impact on clarity and flow. With time and practice, you'll see significant improvement. Everyone starts somewhere, and your dedication to learning will undoubtedly pay off.
You Have a Good Understanding of Punctuation
You have demonstrated a solid understanding of English punctuation; however, there's room for refinement. While you've mastered many of the basics, a few areas still present challenges. This is a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge and polish your skills. Engaging with a wide range of texts, from literature to professional writing, can provide insight into advanced punctuation usage. Consider revisiting some of the fundamental rules and applying them in your writing exercises. With dedicated practice, you're well on your way to becoming proficient.
Your command of punctuation is remarkable, setting you apart from the average English speaker. This skill is a testament to your understanding of the nuances that give written language its clarity and elegance. Whether English is your first language or an acquired one, achieving such mastery is a significant accomplishment. Your ability to navigate complex punctuation rules enhances the readability and effectiveness of your communication. Continue to hone this skill, as it is a valuable asset in both personal and professional contexts.
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