Eye Test: What's in the Photo?

Once again we will challenge both eyes and logic, as we will present you with blurry images that your mind will have to piece together to understand what you're seeing. It requires both good vision and an eye for detail. The real photos can be seen in the end of the quiz by clicking on 'show mistakes'. Good luck!
What is this woman doing?
Looking at art
Shopping for groceries
Picking off fruit from a tree
Pointing at the exit
Can't tell
Which bird is this?
Can't tell
Which sport is being played in this photo?
Field Hockey
American Football
Can't tell
What are these father and son doing?
Holding kittens
Eating ice cream
Holding hamsters
Eating sandwiches
Can't tell
Who is in this photo?
Two women at the beach
Two male lions lying down
Two Labrador dogs at the beach
Two fluffy house cats on the sofa
Can't tell
Which animals are in this photo?
Two cats
Cat and dog
Two dogs
One dog on its side
Can't tell
What is happening here?
A woman giving flowers to older woman
A husband giving his wife a hat
A man bringing his mother a folded shirt
A woman bringing her mother a wrapped gift
Can't tell
What is this woman holding?
A squash
A frog
A tortoise
A rock
Can't tell
What's in this photo?
A man singing with another man playing guitar
Two men boxing
Two men playing basketball
A man and a woman dancing
Can't tell
What is going on in this photo?
Two men about to fight
Man giving homeless person money
Two men shaking hands
Man and woman meeting for date
Can't tell
What is the person in this photo doing?
Looking at photo
Folding clothes
Holding a swaddled baby
Can't tell
What is this group of people doing?
Drinking at a bar
Watching a person playing piano
Standing in line
Can't tell
Try Again...
Your eyesight isn't bad, but it's not great either. You have about average to slightly below average vision, which means you see fine, but you could see better. Perhaps you have good vision but are tired or unfocused. We'd suggest taking the test again before looking at the answers below. You might do better the second time around. If not, look below and maybe see a doctor regarding your vision just in case.
Good Eye!
You have excellent vision, a bit above average, and if you are over 60 - much above average! You have a great connection between the various parts of your brain that manage vision in the occipital lobe. You also have the right amount of cones (little structures that tell color and brightness) in your eyes, and so you use color, detail, and logic to arrive at the right conclusion. Your score isn't perfect, but you did well!
You See it All!
Your eyesight and your brain connect in a powerful way. Your brain processes shapes and visual hints better than 95% of people. You have an uncanny ability to identify objects, people, and colors. In short - your eyesight is terrific!
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