Can You Identify the Colors?

Seeing color is a big part of our visual system. In this quiz we will be examining your ability to notice colors and shades, by telling us which color we are marking. To know which color, look for the X that marks the spot. You'll then need to choose the same exact color that X is marking. Think you can do it?
Color May Not Be Your Thing
Perhaps your genius is more numerical than colorful. Though you undoubtedly find colors intoxicating, beautiful and meaningful, your mind is more attuned to dealing with reason and logic. With your ultra-rational outlook and formidable powers of observation, you find no trouble developing through your own concepts and ideas. With such a razor-sharp mind, you were born to make a real difference to the world.
Good Eyes
Well done! You passed our color test! You are skilled at weighing and measuring different color relationships, which shows you have a sensible, practical, and clear mind. Your hands-on approach to life allows you to form relatively simple solutions to complex problems. A realistic but thoughtful operator, you find no difficulty in applying your ideas to real-life situations. All of this shows you to be a world-class problem solver.
Superb Color-Vision
Congratulations! You achieved top scores! You have an advanced and very nuanced understanding of colors. You have great color vision and good eyesight. Most who have this good an understanding of shades are usually people who are capable of great subtlety of thought and behavior and a greater sensitivity to other people and their emotions.
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