Eye Test: Can You See the Photo?

How are your eyes today, feeling strong? How's your MIND, feeling logical? You'll need both to ace our latest eye test quiz, which will ask you to identify the blurred images we're about to show you. Check out the answers in the end to see the real photos!
Which animal is in the photo?
What mountain is this?
Mount Rushmore, USA
The Matterhorn, Switzerland
Table Mountain, South Africa
Mount Everest, Nepal/Tibet
What is this a photo of?
Boy holding a white cat
Girl holding a white rabbit
Boy holding a white coat
Girl holding a white puppy
What type of flower is this?
What is this site called?
Tower of Pisa
Taj Mahal
Big Ben
Cairo Tower
Which animal is in this photo?
Who is this a statue of?
Vladimir Lenin
Leonardo da Vinci
Julius Caesar
Where is this site?
Taj Mahal, India
Taj Arabia, Dubai
Royal Pavilion, Brighton, UK
Humayun’s Tomb, India
What kind of car is in this photo?
Volkswagen Beetle
Mazda Miata
Mini Cooper
Volkswagen Golf
Which animal is this?
Komodo Dragon
Who is in this photo?
Meryl Streep
Hellen Mirren
Queen Elizabeth II
Queen Margrethe II
Where can one find this ceiling?
The Vatican Palace, Rome
Notre-Dam Cathedral, Paris
St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow
St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York
What is this famous painting called?
The Birth of Venus
The Persistence of Time
The Garden of Heavenly Delights
Wanderer Above the Sea of Fog
Which movie is this scene from?
True Lies
The Poseidon Adventure
The Last Voyage
Average to Below-Average Vision
Your eyesight isn't bad, but it's not great either. You have about average to slightly below average vision, which means you see fine, but you could see better. Perhaps you have good vision but are tired or unfocused. We'd suggest taking the test again before looking at the answers below. You might do better the second time around. If not, look below and maybe see a doctor regarding your vision just in case.
Above Average Vision
You have excellent vision, a bit above average, and if you are over 60 - much above average! You have a great connection between the various parts of your brain that manage vision in the occipital lobe. You also have the right amount of cones (little structures that tell color and brightness) in your eyes, and so you use color, detail, and logic to arrive at the right conclusion. Your score isn't perfect, but you did well!
Powerful Eye-Brain Connection
Your eyesight and your brain connect in a powerful way. Your brain processes shapes and visual hints better than 95% of people. You have an uncanny ability to identify objects, people, and colors. In short - your eyesight is terrific!
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