Struck Jokes

What did Pharaoh say when the seventh plague struck his land?
"Aw *hail* naw!"
It's ok to be negative if you find yourself in a thunderstorm.
You probably won't get struck by lightning.
What do you call a baby tree struck by lightning?
A zapling.
There was a rebellious lightning bolt who ended up in juvenile hall.
His parents grounded him so he struck them.
Did you hear about the soldier who got struck by lightning?
He had to be honorably discharged.
My dad's nickname is lightning.
That way I can tell my friends I've been struck by lightning multiple times.
I knew a guy that got struck by lightning twice.
It was a re-volting scene.
What do you call a guy in a wheelchair who keeps getting struck by lightning?
A handicapacitor.
I never knew how lightning worked
Thats until it finally struck me.
My neighbors house got struck by lightning.
It hit close to home.
What did the cow that was struck by lightning say?
I'm udderly shocked.
There is a higher chance of being struck by lightning than to be killed in a shark attack.
Shocking isn't it.
What do you call a Mongolian leader who got struck by lightning
Shocka Khan.
Did you hear about the cows struck by lightning?
They were completely cattletonic!
What did Frankenstein say when he was struck by lightning?
Great! A jolt to the bolt!
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