That Guy Can Drive!
That Guy Can Drive! This guy is on the street corner spitting and cussing. A little old lady goes and gets a cop, telling him about what the guy is doing. Sure enough, when the cop comes up to the guy he spits and says, "Darn, that guy can drive a car." The cop tells him to stop spitting and cussing and then asks him what the problem is. The man again spits and says, "Darn, that guy can drive a car." The cop again tells him not to spit and cuss and asks him what the problem is. The man replies, "I was thumbing a ride when this guy stopped and picked me up. "He takes off at 100 miles an hour, and I am scared to death. "As we entered town, the guy slows down to about 60 miles per hour and skids into an alley where again he picks up speed. "Right in front of us are two 18-wheelers parked on either side of the alley with only four feet between them. "I screamed out 'We are going to die!' "Then right before we were going to crash I looked over and told the guy, 'If you get us out of this alive, I will fellate you.'” Again he spits and tells the cop, "Darn, that guy can drive a car."
A Fresh Cup of Coffee
A Fresh Cup of Coffee A young man dressed walks tall through the doors of the local coffee shop one Sunday morning. He sits lazily and looks the place up and down before raising his hand and summoning a waiter. "I would like your FRESHEST coffee, none of that muddy stuff you probably usually make from yesterday's leftovers." The waiter assured him they make fresh coffee many times per day. "I'll believe it when I taste it." Said the young man. "I'm from New York and I know good coffee. There's very little chance you've got good coffee here, so at least make a new batch for me." and he shoos him away. The waiter goes to the kitchen and comes back with a cup of steamy coffee. The man tastes it and immediately makes a disgusted face. "Just what I thought, that's not FRESH. Come on, make me another one!" The waiter goes back to the kitchen and indeed takes some time to return. Upon his return he is holding a steaming and aromatic coffee cup. The waiter gives the gentleman the cup and he takes a sip... before spitting it out immediately. He turns to the waiter and shouts, “This is way worse! This coffee tastes like mud!” The waiter, looking surprised, turns to the man and says, “But, sir, it’s fresh ground!”
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