Species Jokes

We all know that monkeys of all species love bananas, however, there is one family that doesn’t really fancy them, the orang-utans.
Q. Which dinosaur species has deep blue-green feathers?
A. Teal-Rex.
Hey girl, are you on the endangered species list? 'Cause baby you are one of a kind!
Normally my species is cold blooded, but around you I am hot blooded.
Are you on the endangered species list cause baby you are one of a kind!
Scientist are shocked after discovery of a new african bee species that can keep on flying even after their heart stops.
Local tribes in fear of a zombee apocalypse
Yo mama so fat if she buys a fur coat a species will be extinct.
Did you know there is a new horse species with one eye and a horn?
It's called a unicornea.
What do you call the process of naming the various species of dwarves, faeries, trolls, etc?
Binomial gnomenlature.
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