Shirts Jokes

I put my fancy shirts in the freezer before I wear them.
It's cold fashion, look it up!
A man named Martin Draw was campaigning for the Senate. He printed up shirts saying “I’m with Draw” to support his campaign. The next day, he wore the shirt to a tennis tournament. When he walked up to the tournament desk, the director handed him his money back and asked him why he couldn’t play.
Hey baby, I just found out our shirts were manufactured in unfair working conditions; let's take them off.
SO why does the golfer carry two shirts? In case he gets a hole in one.
A man who makes tie dye shirts was trying to borrow money to expand his small business. While filling out the paperwork, he had a heart attack and collapsed, spilling bottles of colored dye all over his documents.
The poor man dyed a loan.
Me: Can I get XL shirts here?
Ancient Rome Shopkeeper: Are you sure you want that many shirts?
My Asian neighbor owns a T-shirt company where he colors white shirts. I think it's a Thai Dye T-shirt company.
Cherries go all out when they go to festivals. You’ll probably see loads of them, running around in pie-dyed shirts.
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