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My friend told me that his birthday was on Halloween. I said “really?” “Yes!” He replied
I responded with “Oh man your parents must have been terrified.”
The man next to her on the train spilled coffee all over her shirt. She responded by showing him dis-stain.
Was Just showing my dad my new living space. He asked “what’s upstairs?”
I Just responded with “dad, stairs don’t talk.”
My wife was describing the pair of Toucans the zoo recently acquired.
I responded "You mean a four-can?"
A son asked his dad: "Dad, are we pyromaniacs?"
The dad responded with: "Yes, we arson."
I asked my buddy if he wanted to know what the word “the” was in Spanish. He expressed his disinterest and I responded with...
"Your los."
My boss brought bagels for breakfast and asked me which one I wanted. I said "give me one of the Spanish bagels". He responded " One of the Spanish Bagels?"
"Ay poppy."
My dad kept calling referring to this mason jar as his “boom box”.
When I asked him why, he responded “I use it for all my jams!”
I saw a friend of mine named Ella sit down to eat a fillet of salmon. As she lifted the fork to her mouth I screamed NO DON’T EAT THAT!
When she asked why I responded “you’ll get salmon-Ella!”
There was a young man from Lahore
Whose limericks stopped at line four.
When asked why this was,
He responded, "Because."
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