Makeup Jokes

Why did the girl put lipstick on her forehead?
She needed to makeup her mind!
My wife misplaced some of her makeup...
She said, "I can't find my concealer".
And I said, "Wow, sounds like it's some good stuff then!"
When does makeup run?
When you mascare it off.
Putting on makeup and putting on glasses serve the same purpose...
They make the person look better!
Have you ever seen a girl done makeup while camping?
It's pretty in tents.
I always start my day with makeup. It's the foundation for a good day, y'know? It covers up anything from yesterday and really sets things in place so I can powder through my work.
What cosmetic does DNA put on?
Genetic makeup.
What kind of makeup do zombies wear?
Happy birthday to you,
You still look the same over the years,
Some sort of makeup you use,
Oh I did not mean to make fun,
Because you always look number one
Stay blessed!
What is a witch's favorite makeup?
A ma-scare-a.
Why did the teacher tell Jamie she was wearing too much makeup? Because she was wearing too much makeup.
Building a good makeup design always starts with a good foundation.
What's a ghost's favorite makeup to wear? Mas-scare-a!
What is the coldest type of horse?
A freezian.

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What’s a horse’s favorite makeup brand?
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