Ladder Jokes

Look straight into my eyes. Hold in, let me get a step ladder.
I hope the next stage of your life comes with a ladder.
You're so short, you'll need a ladder to reach manhood.
Roofers In a Fix Two Roofers, Bob and Dan, were putting a new roof on a barn when a bundle of shingles slid down the slope and knocked the ladder over. Bob and Dan decided that, since it was early, they would continue working because someone would surely come around by quitting time. It was nearing 5 PM and they hadn't seen hide nor hair of anyone. So, they walked around the roof a few times and finally decided there was only one way down. On the West side of the barn was a big manure pile. Bob says, "It's the only way down. I will go first." Bob jumped. Dan heard the squishy landing and yelled, "Hey Bob! How deep did you go?" Bob yells back, "I went to my ankles Dan, come on JUMP!" Dan jumps... and sinks clear up to his neck in manure! "I thought when you jumped you went up to your ankles?" He shouts at his friend. "I did..." Explained Bob, "but I landed head first!"
I keep looking at our upstage platform that is designed with only a ladder for access. It's just so hard not to stair.
What's the difference between a stepping stool and a miniature 3D printer?
The former is a little ladder and the latter is a little former.
Yo Mama so short she has to use a ladder to pick up a dime.
My relatives said, "You are so tall you don't need a ladder to climb?" I just replied, "How does it feel to hear anything I say after 10 seconds?".
What if someone made fun of your height? Just reply, "Hey, grab a ladder, climb up it and speak to my face".
The theoretic turtle started out to see the toad;
He came to a stop at a liberty-pole in the middle of the road.
“Now how, in the name of the spouting whale,” the indignant turtle cried,
“Can I climb this perpendicular cliff, and get on the other side?
If I only could make a big balloon, I’d lightly over it fly;
Or a very long ladder might reach the top, though it does look fearfully high.
If a beaver were in my place, he’d gnaw a passage through with his teeth;
I can’t do that, but I can dig a tunnel and pass beneath.”
He was digging his tunnel, with might and main, when a dog looked down at the hole.
“The easiest way, my friend,” said he, “is to walk around the pole.”

(Amos Russel Wells)
Yo Mama so stupid when I said drinks were on the house, she went and got a ladder.
Yo Mama so stupid she brought a ladder to go to high school.
Why did the music teacher need a ladder? To reach the high notes.
I could borrow the step-stool from my mom, OR i could go buy something taller.
I prefer the ladder.
What is the difference between a step stool and a 3D printer?
The former is a ladder, while the latter is a former.
My Physics teacher said I have no potential.
Joke's on her, I just bought a ladder.
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