Interesting Jokes

Some people think nuclear physics is interesting.
Well, in my opinion it's really Bohring.
Why are crows so interesting?
Just beCAWse
Have you ever heard of mushroom cars? Well, they have an interesting sound which goes line shroom shroom!
The book on Mount Everest was super interesting because it had so many cliffhangers.
Interesting that illegally copying on computers is known as piracy.
I suppose you CTRL C
The interesting the about engineering Toilet Paper.
It's an a-ply-ed science.
A young man had just returned home from culinary school and was telling his family about everything he had learned.
"The most interesting thing I learned was about the French Fry", he told them.
"Combing through historical records, we found that it was not first fried in France!"
His family was astounded, and asked where it was fried originally.

"In Grease, of course."
I was playing chess with my son and he said, "Let’s make this interesting!"
So we stopped playing chess.
Interesting fact: A nectarine can also be a peach if it does not have peach fuzz.
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