Did you know vampires aren’t real?
Unless you Count Dracula.
Are monsters good at math?
Not unless you Count Dracula.
What kind of ice cream does Dracula eat?
I started a job making plastic Dracula figurines but there’s only two of us in the production line.
I have to make every second Count.
Dracula decided it was time to give his son "the talk"

Dracula: "You see, when two monsters love each other very much, they-"

Son: "They do the mash."

Dracula: *nodding* "They do the monster mash."
What does Dracula call Thanksgiving? Fangs-giving.
Which position does the son of Dracula play on the baseball team?
Bat boy.
What did they call Dracula after his team won the big game?
The Champire.
What dog does Dracula own?
A blood-hound.
What type of dog does Dracula have?
A bloodhound.
What did Dracula say when he saw a giraffe for the first time?
I’d like to get to gnaw you.