Biology Jokes

Biology - The only science where multiplication and division are the same thing.
When I was in school I got a B in biology, a C in chemistry.
And an F in Physics.
Why was the scuba diver failing Biology? Because he was below "C" level.
How did the English major define microtome on his biology exam? An itsy bitsy book.
What do you call the leader of a biology gang?
The Nucleboss.
Biology - It grows on you.
Why did the biology teacher and the physics teacher split up?
They had no chemistry!
I wanted to do some research on organs in biology, but I had no WiFi and couldn't find the information I wanted.
I wound up using cellular.
We have such great chemistry that we should do some biology together.
My biology class was going on and on, and I was stuck in the middle of it. Well, you know, this is how it feels to be an on-i-on.
The Professor and the Boatman A British Anthropology professor travels around Africa, researching his next book. In Zanzibar, he decides to rent a local boat with a guide to travel. The journey is slow, and the boatman is silent. Before long he gets restless and bored. He seeks to converse with the boatman. “Tell me ," he says to him. "Do you know Biology, Psychology, Geography, Geology, or Anthropology?” The boatman said, “No, I don’t know any of these.” “Then your brain is too small for me." Said the professor haughtily. "You will probably die of ignorance.” The boatman said nothing. And they awkwardly continued. An hour later, the boat sprung a leak and started to sink. The boatman asked the panicked tourist, “Do you know any swimology and escapolgy from crocodiolgy?” "What??" spluttered the professor. "No!" The boat guy replied, “Well then today you will drownology and crocodilogy will eat your assology.”
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