Banned Jokes

Why was the wheelchair basketball team banned from the Paralympics?
They all tested positive for WD-40.
I was going to smoke a turkey this Thanksgiving.
But they banned flavored vapes.
Q. Which sweet dessert is banned from the menu at the Deer Cafe?
A. Chocolate Moose.
There was an odd fellow named Gus,
When travelling he made such a fuss.
He was banned from the train,
Not allowed on a plane,
And now travels only by bus.
Calling my new dog “Shark” was a mistake.
I’ve been banned from all my local beaches.
Today I learned that a giraffe’s neck is so strong a human can climb up it.
Also, I got banned from my local zoo.
Unicorns deserve to be banned from facebook because all they do is poke people all day.
The only difference between a band teacher and a banned teacher
is what they were bangin
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