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These Award-Winning Photos Are Powerful and Emotional!

There are photo contests that showcase wildlife or landscapes. There are also those that focus on even a narrower topic, choosing to find the best marine photo of the year or the most beautiful depiction of the sky and the stars. The annual Creative Photo Awards does not limit their entries so strictly. The contest has a multitude of categories ranging from music and architecture to portraits and beauty.

Creativity and imagination are the main requirements of the Creative Photo Awards, and this year's contestants sure do deliver in that regard! With such a wide range of powerful images, you know this photo collection will leave no one idle and emotionless. Scroll down to see 20 of the most noteworthy contestants of the 2021 Creative Photo Awards. Tip: Click on the image to see it in more detail, and the picture will expand.
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1. Deep Forest Fairies by Kazuaki Koseki

Category: Commended in Nature and Landscape

Artist's comments: "'Himebotaru' living in the summer night forest, females cannot fly, only males, firefly which is an indigenous species of Japan, fly around the summer forest while repeating a blink of a short time, reminiscent of Christmas illumination. Sight is fantastic enough to forget the awe of the night forest. It is the shining brightness of life of only 10 days in the summer. And forests are living things, and they are precious things that people cannot threaten."

2021 Creative Photo Awards Deep Forest Fairies by Kazuaki Koseki

2. The Photo of the Year: The Lake by Masoud Mirzaei

Artist's comments: "Lake Urmia, the largest lake in the Middle East and the sixth-largest saltwater lake on Earth, is located between the provinces of East Azerbaijan and West Azerbaijan."

2021 Creative Photo Awards The Lake by Masoud Mirzaei

3. Lace Dance by Manfred Karner

Category: Highly commended in Beauty

4. A Mother's Love by Lynn Emery

Category: Highly commended in Animals/ Pets

5. Palm Grove by Hans Wichmann

Category: 1st Place in Nature and Landscape

Artist's comment: "The photograph was taken from the deck of a cruise ship on the Nile River in Egypt."

6. The Flying Bride by Soven Amatya

Category: 1st Place in Wedding

Artist's comment: "Jewish weddings are fun, with so many moments and emotions. No wedding is complete without The Horah. It's a very lively dance and usually ends up with the bride and groom being thrown in the air."

7. Medusa by Chris Upton

Category: Commended in Nature and Landscape

8. Gypsophila by Natalia Polomina

Category: Commended in Beauty

Artist's comment: "The English call the gypsophila 'baby's breath.' And in Germany, this plant is known as the 'bride's veil.' According to the legends, a girl who was forced to marry an unloved man turned into a sprig of gypsophila right in front of the altar."

9. Priceless by Pedro Jarque Krebs

Category: 1st Place in Animals/ Pets

Artist's comments: "$60,000 USD a kilo, that's what a rhino horn costs on the black market. More expensive than gold. But life is priceless. Unlike elephant tusks, which are made of ivory, rhino horns are made of keratin, the same material as nails. But the ignorance and superstition of some humans give it non-existent medicinal properties. As in everything, as long as there are buyers, there will be sellers. This will only end in education."

10. Insomnia by Claudio Sericano

Category: Runner-up in Architecture

11. Poems For Sisters by Hardijanto Budiman

Category: Commended in Portraiture

Artist's comment: "I really love Surreal world! I use photography as a medium to express my imagination in pictures. Inspired by a Historical movie about a Royal Princess in the Joseon era 1392 - 1897 (Korea now). At that time Princesses in the Palace wear Traditional outfits named Hanbok. I try to mix Traditional elements with Surreal touch into the Photograph."

12. Eternit by Ingun Alette Maehlum

Category: 1st Place in Architecture

Artist's comment: "In the seventies, it was discovered that the asbestos was highly dangerous when handled. In Norway, it was forbidden in 1978. Still, there are eternit board houses spread around the country."

13. Chameleon in the Bedroom by Jo Sax

Category: Runner Up in Animals/ Pets

14. Torii by Jun Epifanio Pagalilauan

Category: Highly commended in Nature and Landscape

15. The Sound Of Solitude by Eric Politzer

Category: 1st place in Music

Artist's comment: "Cuba has one of the best arts, especially performing arts, education systems in the world. This is fitting, as music always has suffused the air wherever you go in Cuba. This photo captures the type of musical excellence you can find in a concert hall being played in a defunct Havana movie house."

16. Rembrandt Still Life by Olga Rudenok

Category: 1st place in Still Life

Artist's comments: "I like the light Rembrandt draws on his paintings very much. And it seems this light is perfect not only for the portraits Rembrandt draws so magnificent. It is ideal for the still life picture too."

17. Storm is Coming by David Nomdedeu

Category: Commended in Nature and Landscape

18. African Flower by Reiny Bourgonje

Category: Runner-up in portraiture

Artist's comments: "Little African girl processed in the painting of the artist Eelke Jelles Eelkema who lived from 1815-1839 in The Netherlands. The dress is made of recycled plastic."

19. Robbie by Steve Wise

Category: 1st Place In Portraiture

Artist's comments: "Robbie was burned in an accident in his bedroom when he was 4 years old. It resulted in burns to 95% of his body and the loss of his fingers. He has had a tough life but continues to work hard and live as normal an adult life as possible."

20. The Dawn of the Nightglory by Dr. Christian Klepp

Category: Commended in Nature and Landscape
2021 Creative Photo Awards The Dawn of the Nightglory by Dr. Christian Klepp
See more entries of the 2021 Creative Photo Awards and learn more about this contest on their website - Creative Photo Awards.
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