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Now This Is Called Creative Problem Solving!

Sometimes, when a problem comes knocking at our door, thinking out of the box can help make all the difference. At least that’s what some people believe. These people deal with their problems in their unique ways and I must say their creative solutions are pretty inspiring, albeit unusual. For instance, someone came up with the idea of wearing a motorcycle helmet while chopping onions to prevent their eyes from tearing while another person thought of using an old computer mouse to pull the flush on the toilet. Discover a few more such genius solutions to everyday life problems in these pictures. These makeshift life hacks may seem odd, but they sure do work.

1. Bet you never knew you can use an old computer mouse to pull the flush on the toilet?

Genius Solutions,  computer mouse

2. A mason jar light cover

Genius Solutions, mason jar light cover

3. Why paddle when you can do this? 

Genius Solutions, paddle

4. If your coffee pot handle breaks off at the top, use zip ties to keep it together

Genius Solutions,  coffee pot handle

5. This is from a charity that makes wheelchairs for the underprivileged in need. Wheelchairs are expensive and this is actually a pretty good idea, don't you agree? 

Genius Solutions, Wheelchair

6. This is what you need to try the next time a heatwave hits your town

Genius Solutions, summer

7. That's a smart way to stop speeding when there are no traffic officers in your area

Genius Solutions, traffic officers

8. They really needed to study...

Genius Solutions, lamp

9. When you really want a Limo but can’t afford it

Genius Solutions, Limo

10. Does chopping onions make you cry? This is what you should do

Genius Solutions, chopping onions

11. That's a mailbox on the right and a ’’box for mail’’ on the left

Genius Solutions, mailbox

12. There's no need to spend $100 on a monitor stand. Use 3 sticks of hot glue instead

Genius Solutions, monitor stand

13. When your gas cap stops closing properly...

Genius Solutions, gas cap
All images source: Izismile 
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