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These Architectural Oddities Are One of a Kind!

 A ‘see-through’ church. A house that looks like an airplane, a train, and a ship rolled into one. A hotel that has Ferris wheels installed inside the main structure. No, we aren’t just randomly making up weird ideas for futuristic architecture. These are some of the fun, bizarre, and unusual buildings we have featured in this article. The architects of these unique structures were clearly going for some out-of-the-box ideas and it resulted in, well… some unreal designs. Scroll on and see these architectural oddities for yourself. 

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1. This is a prefabricated house in Italy by architect Roberto Rossi. Its mechanism allows to vary the landscape and direct solar panels.

Unusual Buildings, Prefabricated house
Image source: Reddit

2. Organic House in Naucalpan de Juárez, Mexico, by Javier Senosiain

Unusual Buildings, Organic House
Image source: Reddit

3. The architecture of this weird structure raises a lot of questions 

Unusual Buildings, wacky house
Image source: Reddit

4. This wacky UFO-shaped steel house in Texas is designed by artist Robert Bruno

Unusual Buildings, UFO-shaped steel hous
Image source: Reddit

5. Duck House, UK

Unusual Buildings, Duck House, UK
Image source: Reddit

6. This creepy-looking house is in Sofia, Bulgaria

Unusual Buildings, creepy-looking house
Image source: Reddit

7. This is a 'cholet' - a mixture of the word chalet (large house) and chola (indigenous woman) in Bolivia. These types of buildings are quite common in the South American country, and their colorful architecture is a symbol of the cultural heritage of Bolivia.

Unusual Buildings, cholet
Image source: Reddit

8. This is the Stata Center, an academic complex at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology designed by Frank Gehry.

Unusual Buildings, The Stata Center,
Image source: Reddit

9. Nope, that's not an illusion. This is a mysterious 'See-Through' church in Borgloon, Belgium, designed by two Belgian artists. It is made entirely out of metal plates. The church is also called “Reading Between the Lines.”

Unusual Buildings, see-through church
Image source: Reddit

10. Ilinden - Kruševo, Republic of Macedonia. Also known as Makedonium, this is a monument for revolutionary fighters. 

Unusual Buildings, Ilinden
Image source: Reddit

11. The Mercedes Benz Stadium, also known as 'The Benz' - Atlanta, Georgia

Unusual Buildings,  Mercedes Benz Stadium,
Image source: Reddit

12. Inhabited natural rock formations in Göreme, Turkey

Unusual Buildings,  natural rock formations
Image source: Reddit

13. This uniquely-shaped house in Kerala, India, looks like an airplane, a train, and a ship rolled into one! 25 sacks of concrete were needed to build just the foundation while aluminum and fiber cement boards were used for the interior. 

Unusual Buildings, airplane
Image source: YouTube

14. Studio City, Macau - a cinema-themed high-rise hotel. Those rings are Ferris wheels inside the building...

Unusual Buildings, Studio City,
Image source: Reddit
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