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These People Can Create ART Out of ANYTHING!

Some people are born with a golden arm – they can create art out of literally anything. You might feel that’s an overstatement, but it’s not. After all, it’s not every day you come across a pie that looks like a real python or a real-life house that’s been decorated to look like a gingerbread house. Scroll down and witness many more such unique artworks such as a crochet leopard gecko and an exquisite notebook cover that will leave you stunned. These guys are easily some of the most creative people ever.  

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1. Would you believe that this is a pie?

Unique Artworks, pie

2. A crochet leopard gecko

Unique Artworks, crochet leopard gecko

3. A real-life house that has been decorated to look like a gingerbread house. Everything is completely handmade here. The gumdrops and Dots candy are spray-painted buckets while the wreath cookie, gumballs, candies, and gingerbread men are made of painted styrofoam. Furthermore, the candy canes are pool noodles, peppermint rounds are plastic bowls and the giant peppermint sticks are PVC pipes

Unique Artworks, gingerbread house

4. This paper sculpture is surreal! 

Unique Artworks, paper sculpture

5. Who knew science could be so cute? Look at the Bunsen burner’s expressions!!!

Unique Artworks, science

6. This exquisite notebook cover has been made out of polymer clay

Unique Artworks,  notebook cover

7. What a beautiful thread painting!

Unique Artworks,  thread painting

8. An incredible acrylic painting 

Unique Artworks,

9. Bird embroidery on tulle featuring barbed wire

Unique Artworks,

10. A stop motion puppet made from milliput, balsa wood, wire, latex, and fabric

Unique Artworks, stop motion puppet

11. Want to try a Buttercream Christmas Penguin Cake?

Unique Artworks, Buttercream Christmas Penguin Cake

12. This "pie hat" was made from leftover yarn

Unique Artworks,

13. The details on this embroidery are stunning! Look at the sky and the grass

Unique Artworks, embroidery

14. This looks so realistic! At first glance, you wouldn't even realize it's crochet

Unique Artworks, crochet, parrot, bird
All images source: Izismile
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